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The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report: Day 7 Taking Off From Japan on a New Manga Creating Journey!

It’s the final day in Japan for the SMA MASTERCLASS 2017. We watch them slowly check in to their flights and cry as they pass through security all day. The MASTERCLASS leave their mark on all of us with their beautiful mural and vow to keep on their manga creating journey. But first, they’re going to take what they learned and make the best SMA-EX2 Kumamoto Round manga among all the MASTERCLASS members!




We want to see your best smiles and laughter as you take the first step to join the MASTERCLASS and us in Japan. The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is waiting for you!

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The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report

“Day 1 SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Arrive in Tokyo!”
“Day 2 Workshop! Workshop! Workshop!”
“Day 3 Ghibli Museum and Tokyo Tower Again!?”
“Day 4 The Big Day!”
“Day 5 MASTERCLASS 2017 Take Over Tokyo!”
“Day 6 Supplies and Surprise!”
“Day 7 Taking Off From Japan on a New Manga Creating Journey!”


Enter the Audition!