About the Collaboration

KURE 5-56
SMA MasterClass

Founded over 60 years ago, KURE Engineering Ltd. has been a leading provider of high-quality maintenance products, including the renowned KURE 5-56, which hit the market in 1962. As a company known for delivering innovative, easy-to-use, and safe products, KURE teamed up with SMA to create captivating TV commercials that would resonate with its diverse global audience. Out of all the talented MasterClass participants who joined this exclusive and exciting project, three exceptional manga artists were selected to bring their stories to life in the form of thrilling Japanese anime commercials!

About the Commercial’s Product: KURE 5-56

“Removes rust, suppresses squeaks, and improves movement”

This rust-preventive and lubricating agent is a powerhouse, delivering not one, not two, but five benefits: lubrication, rust prevention, infiltration, cleaning, and water displacement. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications, such as preventing rust and lubricating all metals, dehumidifying and preventing moisture in electrical systems, and cleaning electrical contacts. Mechanics who have tried it have been wowed by its performance and started using it on-site immediately. Even if you’re not a mechanic or a car enthusiast, many Japanese customers are already familiar with this wonder spray that keeps rust at bay and makes everything move like a dream.

KURE 5-56 Official Website

About the SMA Works Turned into an Anime

In 2022, KURE Engineering and the SMA Editorial Dept. held a limited competition for MasterClass members to submit their original works and ideas. Out of ten talented participants, Indonesian MasterClass members DS Studio, MAGE, and Vanilla stood out with their exceptional stories and charismatic characters. These manga stories were then transformed into heart-warming 30-second TV anime commercials that we are now proud to present to you!

SMA MasterClass

*Once all the anime commercials are released, the page will be updated accordingly.

Work Introduction

Grand Prix ¥50,000

“Taking Care”

Creator: DS Studio

English version

Japanese version

Anime version

Grand Prix ¥50,000 Comming Soon!

Anime version

Grand Prix ¥50,000 Comming Soon!

Anime version