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The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report: Day 3 Ghibli Museum and Tokyo Tower Again!?

アバター Penmaru 16/02/2017 4 min read
Workshops are great and all, but sometimes we just need to go shopping. Time for the SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 to hit up art book and manga stores. And it looks like we’ve found more things we just wanted to buy.       The restaurant CAFE ZENON calls us for lunch. Looks like the MASTERCLASS are all friends and talking about their works now. Salvatore seems like he wants to talk about his new series and a little bit about Your Sound” (SMA5). All the food is so delicious, unforgettable if you will, we almost forgot the Ghibli Museum and Tokyo Tower are calling…again. Team switch! Team Ghibli Museum becomes Team Tokyo Tower and vice versa.       Inokashira Park is popular to pass through. And why wouldn’t it be when you run across all sorts of things, like the Ghibli Museum. Looks like the MASTERCLASS are finding all sorts of new stuff around Tokyo.       Real Mario Kart at Tokyo Tower and the MASTERCLASS rush to get their picture taken with them. Then it’s time to see the beautiful view of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower’s Main Observatory. But, Tokyo One Piece Tower calls the MASTERCLASS back down from Tokyo Tower.       Time to get traditional Sushi for dinner. Can’t resist the Sake too. Kanpai! Cheers! Salud! Hooooo!       Manga isn’t just about work, it’s also about having fun. Let’s have fun together with your SILENT MANGA AUDITION® entry!      

The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report

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“Day 3 Ghibli Museum and Tokyo Tower Again!?”
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