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The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report: Day 4 The Big Day!

アバター Penmaru 16/02/2017 4 min read
There’s one thing on the docket today, SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Certification Ceremony. Got to get a hearty lunch to keep down the butterflies in our stomachs. But, not for long. Meeting Coamix CEO Nobuhiko Horie-san get’s the MASTERCLASS all excited and nervous again.       The MASTERCLASS are serious about the MASTERCLASS Certification Ceremony. It’s no short affair, too, with the Comic ZENON Manga Award, One Skill Breakthrough Award, and Manga Audition Award Ceremony happening first. Japanese manga creators have made their debut in “Monthly Comic ZENON” from those awards and the MASTERCLASS are right on their coattails. But now it’s time for the MASTERCLASS to stay clam while Horie-san certifies them all.       It’s time for the after party!  Let’s meet lots of people, eat great food, and let the world get their first look at the MASTERCLASS. Ain’t nobody at the party using their smartphone like in Max’s “Our Relation” (SMA5).       It was a long day for the MASTERCLASS, but we’re not tired at all…just preparing for all the excitement waiting for us tomorrow.       One entry in the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is your trip towards the MASTERCLASS. Let’s take that trip together with your next entry!    

The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report

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