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The World's Biggest Manga Audition

The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® (SMA) is a manga audition exclusively for manga without dialogue. This way, creators of all ages from across the world can break through language barriers and share their love of manga with each other.

SMA entrants not only have the chance to receive cash prizes, but also the chance to work towards their manga debut in Japan. Judged by manga legends, the best of the best from SMA may receive the chance to debut in Japan through exclusive opportunities such as our MasterClass and Artists Village Aso 096k projects.

How to Join Enter the Audition


GRAND PRIX Runner-Up 300,000JPY

& Offer to Enter the MasterClass Introduction to our Artists Village Aso 096k Project To Be Published on the Manga App “MangaHot” To Be Featured in Monthly Comic ZENON


& To Be Published on the Manga App “MangaHot” To Be Featured in Monthly Comic ZENON


& To Be Featured in Monthly Comic ZENON



The best of the best from the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®! A community of international creators who are offered professional editorial support and opportunities from the SMA Editorial Department to work towards their Japanese manga debut in Monthly Comic ZENON.

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SMA is the Gateway to Your Japanese Manga Debut

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“SMA is the best choice for artists who are at the beginning of their manga journey because it is silent, so there are no worries about language barriers. It always gives a theme which makes it easier and fair.” -ahlemk (Tunisia)
“If you are awarded, the contact with editors and other artists will bring a very important experience, in addition to several other opportunities that may arise once you become a member of the MasterClass.” -Roberto F. (Brazil)
“SMA provides a good opportunity to practice storytelling skills, which I believe can be learnt by writing short stories within deadlines on a regular basis. Soon, you’ll be able to create longer and more intricate stories!” -Laica Chrose (Brazil)
“It was a great and rewarding experience, everything from working on the manga from start to finish to receiving the kind comments from people who read it. I’ll remember it forever.” -Enewald (Finland)
“It feels like a dream come true, we get to learn a lot about creating a better manga, and every piece of feedback from editors helps us to improve our skills.” -Vanilla (Indonesia)
“At first, I just wanted to join an international competition. Then, when I managed to win an award, I realized ‘My work was appreciated in Japan, the birthplace of manga!’. It was a great inspiration to create more.” -Sideburn004 (Russia)
“SMA helps you practice taking an idea, and using the medium of manga to get that idea across as quickly and as entertaining as possible, so use it as a tool to create better, longer manga in the future!” -NASS (USA)
“Please don’t hesitate; just draw it. If it fails, do it again. The comments from the judges are so important, and you can learn a lot of manga techniques from the SMA YouTube channel.” -Thuntopia (Thailand)
“SMA is a great opportunity to estimate your skills and know exactly what areas you should improve. I believe only practice can be your teacher, so joining will be worth your time.” -nemuisemi (Ukraine)
“I’ve found that many publishers tend to not take international creators seriously. But with recognition from Japan’s creators and professionals, I feel more confident than ever in our ability to tell stories!” -Brandon Chen (USA)
“SMA led me to many wonderful experiences. I don’t know which one specifically would describe my happiness and my gratefulness.” -Alex Irzaqi (Indonesia)
“I’m still feeling very grateful now. When I met the SMA Editors and fellow MasterClass, I felt it’s like a dream to be in the presence of the professionals!” -MAGE (Indonesia)
“The opportunities that come with entering SMA speak for themselves. Professional feedback on top of that is indispensable.” -yoonmi (USA)
“Thanks to SMA, it’s been easier to get our works out there for the whole world to see. I think this is one of the best contests/ideas.” -dee Juusan (Jordan)
“It is a rare chance for us to be able to portray the culture of our country to the world.” -YUKIRA (Malaysia)
“I feel so happy to meet great people in SMA! Now, if I’m confused about creating a manga, I know where to ask.” -Olvyanda Ariesta (Indonesia)
“I am infinitely grateful to SMA and I can say with all certainty I’m glad I entered this competition!!” -JIM (Chile)
“It's very exciting to share stories without words, to let the images speak for themselves and capture more of the reader's emotion rather than their logic.” -Tati (DS STUDIO) (Indonesia)
"SMA was a great exercise for me when it came to making manga - the act of restricting my tools of expression to pictures helped me focus on the basic foundations of visual storytelling." -monotone_ink (Australia)
“SMA is the perfect opportunity to explore the most important part of comics: telling a story with images.” -Ichirou (Brazil)
“If you have the time to consider participating, by all means, do. As long as you can make your readers look forward to the pages, I think any kind of story can do.” -suonäcy (France)
“Manga is freedom because you can make anything happen. Just be yourself and don’t stay in a box.” -Punix (Thailand)
“I think SMA, despite having its rules, allows everyone to express themselves in the way they want. So if you have any cool ideas, don’t be afraid to show them!” -PSI Team (Brazil)
“Don’t be afraid to start making manga, and start from the things closest to you, yourself, friends, family, or your pets.” -Rizqiaf (Indonesia)
“I just want to thank SMA for the opportunity you provide to aspiring mangakas around the world.” -Alexey Trishkin (Russia)
“Not only can you win an important contest, but renowned mangaka can recognize your work. That means that becoming a mangaka is not just a dream and that you are on the right path.” -Ichigin (Spain)
“I feel immense gratitude towards SMA! Without it, my path would have been more laborious. The advice of professionals is always welcome in order to understand where to move on with increased zeal.” -Azumane Kanna (Russia)
“It doesn’t even matter if you win or not, just keep trying and practicing. The moment when your effort pays off is much more satisfying than any other.” -fatima mukarked (Syria)