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SILENT MANGA AUDITION® promotion movie

The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is organized by Coamix Inc. and held by North Star Pictures Inc.

Company profile (Coamix; North Stars Pictures)

Established 2000/6/14
Representative Nobuhiko Horie – CEO and representative Director
1979 – Joined ‘Shueisha’
1993 – ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’, editor-in-chief
1996 – ‘Men’s Non-No’, editor-in-chief
1997 – ‘BART’, editor-in-chief
2000 – Resigned from ‘Shueisha’
Business description Manga magazine editing, animation production, character property affairs,copyright business, online sales, etc.
Contacts TEL: 0422-24-6789 (Representative)
FAX: 0422-24-6785
Executive informations President and representative director Nobuhiko Horie
President and representative director Nobuhiko Horie
Board members Tsukasa Hojo
Tetsuo Hara
Ryuji Tsugihara
Shuichi Mochida
Naoki Miya
Masataka Suzuki
Corporate auditor Miyazawa Tetsuho

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2012/OCT – The original, Japanese only event SILENT MANGA AUDITION® debuts in ‘Monthly Comic Zenon’.
2012/JULY – First international SILENT MANGA AUDITION® (SMA1) is announced, with the theme “Love Letter”.
– Official SMAC! (Silent Manga Audition Community!) Facebook page is established.
2013/JUNE – SMA1 results announced.
2013/SEP – SMA2 “The Finest Smile” announced.
2014/FEB – First SMA compilation book published.
2014/MAR – Official Youtube SMAC! Channel established.
2014/JUNE – SMA2 results announced.
2014/JULY – Official SMAC! Twitter account established.
2014/SEP – SMA3 “Mother” announced.
2014/DEC – SMAC! Editorial Team department established.
2015/JAN – The SMA Master Class 2015 Certification Ceremony, awarding 11 creators. – Second SMA compilation book published.
2015/APR – SMA4 “A Charming Gift” announced.
2015/JUNE – SMA3 results announced.
2015/OCT – SMA5 “Friendship & Communication Tool” announced.
2015/DEC – SMA4 results announced.
– The first SMA Extra Round (SMA-EX1) is announced, in collaboration with the “Fukushima Sakura Mori Project”
2016/FEB – The SMA Master Class 2016 Certification Ceremony, awarding 14 creators.
2016/APR – SMA-EX1 results announced.
– SMA6 “Childhood” announced.
2016/JUNE – SMA5 results announced.
2016/OCT – SMA7 “Unforgettable Taste” announced.
2016/NOV – SMA-EX2 announced, in collaboration with “Kumamoto Prefecture”.
2016/DEC – SMA6 results announced.
2017/JAN – The SMA Master Class 2017 Certification Ceremony, awarding 10 creators.
2017/ APR – SMA8 “Fair Play” announced.
– SMA-EX2 results announced.
2017/JULY – SMA7 results announced.
2017/OCT – SMA9 “Fairness/Respect/Teamwork” announced.
2017/DEC – SMA8 results announced.
2018/FEB – SMA-EX3 announced, in collaboration with “Kumamoto Prefecture”.
2018/MAR – First SILENT MANGA AUDITION® CHINA announced.
2018/APR – SMA10 “Friendship/Effort/Victory” announced.
2018/JULY – SMA9 results announced.
– The SMA Master Class 2018 Certification Ceremony, awarding 12 creators.
2018/OCT – SMA11, “Promise” announced.