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Shuichi “Mocchi” MOCHIDA

Board Member, COAMIX Inc. CEO, Kumamoto COAMIX Inc. Chief Editor, SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Committee
Born: Nara Prefecture, Japan

After graduating from Meiji University, I briefly began working at a private cramming school before entering the world of publishing. Whilst working as a journalist for Shueisha’s Bart magazine, the Chief Editor, Nobuhiko Horie assigned me as editor-in-charge of Tetsuo Hara sensei. I have been working in the manga industry ever since, working closely with talented creators to produce many successful manga titles.

  • 2000: Founding member of COAMIX Inc., alongside Nobuhiko Horie, Tsukasa Hojo, Tetsuo Hara and Ryuji Tsugihara
  • 2000: Deputy Chief Editor, Weekly Comic Bunch, working with manga creator Tetsuo Hara, Ryuji Tsugihara and Go Nagai, along with overseeing the development of many upcoming creators
  • 2007: Chief Editor, Weekly Comic Bunch
  • 2010: Deputy Chief Editor, Monthly Comic ZENON
  • 2011: Board Member, COAMIX Inc.
  • 2014: Chief Editor, SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Committee
  • 2019: CEO, Kumamoto COAMIX Inc.

Favorite movie: The Godfather Part 2
Favorite band: Momoiro Clover Z
Favorite quote: “May the force be with you!” – Star Wars


Born: Slovenia

I am from Slovenia and I remember my first encounter with the anime and manga world being a German dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball that I watched as a kid every Sunday morning.

Years later, a friend introduced me to Naruto and after that we’d spend all summer reading manga, picking and drawing our favorite characters. As I got older, I thought that I wouldn’t have the time to enjoy manga ever again, but luckily, I became a part of the SMA team and now I am enjoying manga from a completely new point of view.

Years ago, I visited Kyushu for the first time as a student, and I immediately fell in love with its nature, food and kind people! At that time, I thought that it would be great to return one day and by becoming a part of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® editorial team this dream came true.

Favorite manga: Vagabond
Favorite movie: Dual (2012), Shoplifters (2018)
Favorite quote: “配達無料” (Free shipping)

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Takashi Taninaka

Born: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

I first fell in love with manga when I was eight years old and read a manga called Rave Master. I thought, "How exciting and thrilling this world can be!" It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck my body.

From there, I became more and more fascinated with manga. I spent all of my small allowance to buy manga. Then, when I was 16 years old, I came across a manga called Bakuman, in which an editor named "Mr. Hattori" said, "I will do my best to support you in creating an interesting manga!" I was impressed by his enthusiasm. I decided that I would definitely become a manga editor in the future. That is why I am now working as an editor at this company.

I am excited to think that I will be able to create a lot of interesting manga with you all!

I look forward to working with you. Let's make groundbreaking manga together!

Favorite manga: Space Brothers, Rave Master, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, My Hero Academia
Favorite movie: Stand by Me
Favorite band: Love Live! Superstar!!
Favorite quote: “It's a piece of cake!” - Space Brothers

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Tsuyoshi Ueda

Born: Kumamoto, Japan

When born in Japan, many people grow up influenced by manga. In my case, my first encounter with manga was during elementary school (Japanese elementary schools are filled with manga such as The Firebird and Barefoot Gen!). Then I read Slam Dunk and joined the basketball club, and spent my youth looking forward to the serialization of Naruto and BLEACH.... And now that I am an adult, manga has become my job. Manga is my life partner!

I believe that manga has the power to change lives and that the manga you draw has the potential to touch the hearts of people all over the world. I look forward to meeting you and reading your next masterpieces!

Favorite manga: Slam Dunk, Vagabond, Historie
Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption, New Cinema Paradise
Favorite music: Bill Evans, Billy Joel
Favorite quote: "Get covered in mud" - Slam Dunk

Shuhei Kurata

Born: Kumamoto, Japan

When I was in the fourth grade, my mother bought me my first manga, Dragon Ball. I was hooked by the exciting story developments, the cool characters, and the brand new worlds contained within manga.

When I read manga, I feel suspenseful, thrilled, passionate, and enraptured. I forget about my daily life and become immersed in a different world. I grew up with manga, and I’ve been reading manga for 15 years. In manga, there are cat-shaped robots who befriend you, humans made of rubber who wander the earth freely, and cool guys who use unbelievably strong fighting techniques in apocalyptic settings. There are no limits to what can be expressed through manga.

Even if you can't change someone's life, you can create a manga that will be a part of someone's daily life. Let’s create that kind of manga together! You can find my X account below, so feel free to reach out and tell me about your favorite manga!

Favorite manga: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Vagabond, Dandadan, Asadora!
Favorite movie: John Wick, Shin Godzilla, Terminator 2
Favorite band: Mr. Children, Keisuke Kuwata, RHYMESTER, Creepy Nuts
Favorite quote: "The path of your life is determined perfectly by the heavens, both up to now and from now on. And that's why — you are completely free.” - Vagabond

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I first became interested in manga as a middle school student. My brother and I would save our allowances to buy manga at the local bookstore, and then trade volumes. We spent hours reading and discussing classics like Naruto and Rouroni Kenshin.

A love of reading and writing inspired my dream to become an editor, and I studied literature and creative writing at Haverford College with that goal in mind. Since joining the Silent Manga Audition editorial team, that dream is now a reality! I’m excited to have a hand in creating works that overcome the boundaries of race, age, gender, and nationality, and speak to a common, core humanity.

Favorite manga: Fruits Basket, Please Save My Earth
Favorite movie: The Handmaiden (2016), Mandy (2018)
Favorite band: Radiohead

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