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The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report: Day 6 Supplies and Surprise!

アバター Penmaru 17/02/2017 4 min read
It wouldn’t be a MASTERCLASS trip without a stop at the Shinjuku Sekaido art supply store. So many pens, pencils, and art books! The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 can’t keep their hands off of all the supplies. Time flies when we’re having fun looking for our favorite supplies.       And a surprise! A Trip to Akihabara, the center of all the coolest trends. Got to make sure we hit up the Gundam Cafe. A stop at a maid cafe for five MASTERCLASS is just what they needed. Yos’s picture with a maid is going to have to be locked away, just like in his manga Forbidden” (SMA6). And Max did the impossible, he caught the Japan only Pokémon, Farfetch’d, in “Pokémon GO”!       It’s the last supper for the MASTERCLASS together at Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). We may be sad, but we’ll power through it like the little girl in JIM’s The Best OwO” (SMA6). So, let’s dig in and eat as much as we can, maybe even too much. Wait, there’s a too much? Not for the MASTERCLASS.       Time to say good-bye to team Brazil and team Malaysia. We’re all sad to see them go. Don’t leave us! We know you love your fellow MASTERCLASS, SMA, manga, and Japan.       Manga takes us to whole new worlds and reimagines our own world. We want to see your world in your next SILENT MANGA AUDITION® entry!    

The SMA MASTERCLASS 2017 Special Report

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