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Day 3: The Ceremony

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 14/06/2016 3 min read
April 22nd -The big day arrives! The SakuraMori winners wake up early and dress in their spiffiest outfits. A short bus ride takes them to the site of the tree planting ceremony.

The 5 winners waiting with Kakuda-san, a real life Keiji Warrior 😉

P1170738 And the children arrive! 100 students from local elementary schools in Fukushima. After a speech by the Governor of Fukushima, everyone grabs a spade…P1170825 Heave-ho! P1170828 … And a new Sakura Tree is planted!! P1170840 Young & old, artists & editors, actresses & politicians… Everyone lends a hand to make the future brighter! After the tree planting ceremony, everyone retires to a nearby building, where another surprise is waiting… P1170940 Ta-DAH! The Winners reveal their giant collaboration picture… but its not yet complete… P1170954 Each of the children grab a paper Sakura flower and paste it on the tree… P1170964 The need some help to get to those hard to reach places 😉 P1170970 And finally, it’s finished!! The fruit of everyone’s efforts! P1180082 Finally, its time to say goodbye to the kids. But everyone gets a copy of the SakuraMori Manga, and a high-five on the way out!  
The big event is over, but the trip is far from done! See Day 4: Tour of Fukushima. P1180148        
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima