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Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 18/11/2016 12 min read
An extra round of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is announced for early 2017. Extra round means an Extra chance for contestants to win awards and prizes : All creators please do not miss this opportunity!

The deadline is 15th February 2017.


The same rules and guides apply as the latest, regular round. (SMA7, as of November 2016)  

In addition to regular prizes, high achievers will be invited to Japan, to take part in the ceremony of award giving, and to be given “Manga creative Kick-Start” lecture by manga pros of Coamix in April 2017.

Please see also the guideline for SMA events:

Words from the Chairman : SMA-EX2 “KUMAMOTO ROUND 2017” In April 2016, multiple earthquakes of very high magnitude hit southernmost island of Japan’s mainlands. The most affected is Kumamoto – dubbed “land of fire”. A land of extreme landscapes, sceneries and culture, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. The quake left devastating marks on those beloved lands and their people. Albeit a great loss, the people never gave up. And thanks to the continuing efforts of the locals as well as support from around Japan and the world. Their towns, roads and infrastructures have almost recovered. While there is still much to be done, the “life before” is slowly returning to Kumamoto. What hasn’t returned though, are their admirers. Kumamoto is known and loved around Japan for its natural beauty and culture. The endless stream of visitors that once made Kumamoto an energetic destination have halved – perhaps even more. We believe this is caused by a “lack of communication”. Many still fear visiting their beloved fields and plains may interfere with the recovery process. Which is very unfortunate as we have now learned of the people there wish for the people to come back to Kumamoto. To share the magnificent sights, tastes and comfort, and to share happiness “just like before”. For this reason I am thrilled and excited to announce, in co-operation with the Kumamoto prefectural government and supporting partners from Kumamoto, the opening of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® EX-2, “KUMAMOTO ROUND 2017”. The event will also be known as “Kumamoto International Manga Festival” domestically. Our goal for this event is strong and clear : “To bring as much SMILES AND LAUGHTER” to the people of Kumamoto. With the creative power of manga that we share on SMAC!, together we can maybe make Kumamoto “The City With Most Smiles” for one day of the festival. For this round, we have a new contest category : “ILLUSTRATION Award”. We hope the greatest number of contestants will bring the maximum amount of joy to the people of Kumamoto. We sincerely ask all creators of the world, for pieces of work that will bring a cheery grin to any reader. The combined power of smiles and laughter, will surely ignite the momentum, for people to gather in Kumamoto, just as they have done for hundreds of years.   Shuichi Mochida, Chairman, The SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee Chief Editor, SMAC! The Web Magazine / The Manga Magazine.  



DEADLINE: 15th February, 2017

  SMA-EX2 Awards and Prizes : “SILENT MANGA AWARD” TRIP TO JAPAN + ¥ 500,000 JPY ( Approx. $ 5,000 USD )
  • Visiting Tokyo / Attending Award Ceremony in Kumamoto
  • Manga Creative Kick-Start workshop with Manga Professionals


SUNFLAME.CO Has provided the following watch, for Award Winners who will be invited to Japan   sealine_logo


“SEJ011” series are watches made in Japan, with everything from movement to the sapphire crystal polishes, there is pride of Japan in every piece. There are 4 colors in the line-up, the winner may choose the color of their winning watch. SMAC! Would like to express our sincere thanks to our partner SUNFLAME Co., for providing the prize.

  SMA-EX2 Awards and Prizes : “ILLUSTRATION AWARD” Happiest! : ¥50,000 / Happier! : ¥20,000 / Happy! :  ¥10,000  
  SMA-EX2 SPECIFIC RULES & GUIDELINES:  1. “Smile-inducing, heart-touching episodes of positive emotions” will receive the highest awards.  Please consider this the highest priority. We believe asking yourself “Will this piece bring happiness to the reader?” is the best measure to this goal. 2. Show in your work, “Kumamoto Castle” or “The nature of Kumamoto(The Aso caldera and surrounding regions)” Please read SMAC! Editors’ report in the following pages. All photos can be used without limitation, for all contestants of SMAC! competition. 3A. For ILLUSTRATION : “Close-Up that shows FACIAL EXPRESSION” is strongly encouraged. Draw from chest and up, focus more on facial expression more than anything else. 3B. For SILENT MANGA : Number of pages must be “5 to 17 pages” Pages are limited and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you focus on “essential moments only” : See below. 4. NO DEPICTION that induce “negative emotions” to a reader, such as EARTHQUAKES, NATURAL DISASTERS, WAR, ILLNESS, DEATH, etc. For example, if you wish to create a story of “Someone recovering from wounds” – Try to keep the scenes of being injured / agony /pain to a minimum. Or best – cut it out altogether. Instead focus on the scenes of “Joys/Satisfaction” of “Recovery / Overcoming the hardship”. “Telling a story without showing the subject matter” is often a key skill of any storyteller. We hope this event can be a great opportunity to practice this. If in doubt, try to “forget the disaster that hit Kumamoto” altogether – just create a wonderful story that happens in Kumamoto.  What they’d like to see is a positive tale that reminds us that humanity is great what they DO NOT like to see, is a reminder that something bad happened in the past. As with regular rounds, NO DEPICTION THAT INFRINGES ON THIRD PARTY’S TRADEMARKS or COPYRIGHTS – Regrettably, NO “KUMAMON” this time please. ( On this opportunity, we’d like to show our deepest respect and love for Kumamon-san – Kumamoto’s most beloved bear. ) All other rules, regulations, awards, prizes and SMA MasterClass points are the same as regular SILENT MANGA AUDITION® rounds – see rules.   For more information and inspirations about Kumamoto, their beauty and their culture, please read SMAC! Editors’ report from Kumamoto.
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Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima