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Do you have an idea that you think could be a hit if it was drawn by professionals? Are you struggling to create your own manga because your strength lies in writing?

If so, then this is the audition you’ve been waiting for!

In Japan, a manga series first starts as a trial “one-shot” stand alone work. The response of the public determines the future events of a series! In the same way, the goal for this brand new audition is to write a manuscript IN ENGLISH for the first chapter of a series, including one introduction page. 

Your goal is to captivate the judges and make them eager to read the next eventual chapter!! Submit your idea for a chance to become a professional script writer in Japan!



Submission Period
November 1st2023
February 1st2024
Judging Period
February 1st2024
April 1st2024
Results Announcement


  • Manuscript Length: Up to 11 pages IN ENGLISH.
  • Page 1: An introduction of your idea (including its title) with a brief summary of the plot, characters, and the setting.
  • Pages 2 to 11: The script for the first chapter of your original series, paying special attention to the dialogues of the main characters.
  • Styling: 12pt font size, Arial font, 1.15 spacing
Check application terms

Hints and Tips:

  • Utilize Page 1 to capture the judges’ attention.
  • Avoid writing in a novelistic style; focus on making your writing concise and easy to understand so that manga creators can easily adapt your idea into an entertaining manga.
  • Give special attention to the dialogues of your characters and strive to make them feel vibrant and alive within your script.
  • You may include photos and/or pictures in the document to provide a clearer explanation of a scene or moment in the story.
FOR MORE DETAILS, CHECK THIS EXAMPLE(Fist of the North Star Summary + Ch.1)


Grand Prix


Grand Prix Runner-Up


Excellence Award



After Winning an Award…

The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Editorial Department is now working with select members of the MasterClass to make them debut in Japan, with the close support of the ZENON Editorial Department. This collaboration is taking place in a dedicated environment designed for international creators to break into the Japanese manga industry, known as the Artists Village Aso 096k

As part of the new 1ST CHAPTER SCRIPT WRITING AUDITION, we invite you to submit your original manga ideas that, if selected, that could be developed into manga series by our MasterClass members and you through our editorial support!

If you aspire to debut as a MANGA CREATOR in Japan, join SMA today!

About COAMIX Inc.

COAMIX Inc. is a Tokyo-based manga publisher founded by worldwide famous manga creators. Among its many titles, Record of Ragnarok, MOTHER PARASITE, Keiji’s Kabuki Adventure, and The War of Greedy Witches stand out for being the most recent and internationally acclaimed manga series from the publisher.