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About the Artists Village Aso 096k

Created by COAMIX Inc., a Tokyo-based publisher specializing in manga, the Artists Village Aso 096k aims to be a place for talented young artists of different fields who want to polish their techniques on their way to success.
The "Artists Village Aso 096k" was not named "Manga Village" but "Artists Village" in order to support young artists of all kinds. "Aso" signifies the Aso region in southern Japan where the village is located. "096k" is connected to the regional phone code of "096" and is pronounced "o-ku-ro-ku" - the same pronounciation as the word "O'clock" in Japanese. This name is fundamentally connected to the motto of the Artists Village: “Ticking towards your Dreams.”

About the International Artists SMA MASTERCLASS!

Creators who have proven their zeal and talent by excelling in our international manga audition, the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®, are invited to the Artists Village and are taught the craft of Japanese manga. By doing so, we hope to give them the opportunity to work as manga creators and debut in Japan. Moreover, upon returning to their home countries, their continued activities will help spread manga to the world.

About Nurturing Local Talent

By hosting a wide range of domestic manga creators, the Artists Village hopes to be a place where, despite being at a different stages in their careers, creators can develop their talents next to each other amidst friendly rivalry and encouragement. We also aim for the Artists Village to be a place where creators can receive the same resources and opportunities to debut as if they were in Tokyo.

The 096k Kumamoto Drama Company 096k

Founded by COAMIX, the 096k Kumamoto Drama Company is an all-female theater group based in the Artists Village. In today's age of abundant online content, live performances create the greatest value. That is why we wanted to create an unprecedented live performance based on manga!

About the Facility

The facility is fully equipped for every artists' need and professional requirement, as well as for their leisure time. The Artists Village is designed in a way that offers the latest digital appliances, while at the same time it is surrounded by nature where creators can rest their eyes and soul at the end of the day.

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About Life at the Artists Village Aso 096k

Creators at the Artists Village receive support for their daily lives, including three meals a day from professional chefs. In addition creators' individual rooms, the residential buildings have a shared living room where you can share thoughts and ideas with fellow manga creators. Equipped with facilities necessary for a comfortable life, such as a high-performance washing machine, you can devote yourself to manga creation without any inconvenience.

How to Join

The Artists Village Aso 096k aims to invite young creators from all over the globe and offer them a place where they can gain invaluable experience to help them debut in Japan. Join SMA, become a part of the MasterClass, and get your chance to work as a manga creator in Japan!

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