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What is the SMA MasterClass?

The SMA MasterClass is a community of international manga creators who have produced work above and beyond the expectations of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Judges.

Open to creators who show the most manga-making potential and motivation to debut in Japan, the goal of the MasterClass is to make creators' dream of a Japanese manga debut a reality through exclusive opportunities and editorial support.

How Can I Join the SMA MasterClass?

The first step is to participate in the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®.

By receiving high awards and showing your incredible illustration, composition, and storytelling skills, you'll prove to the SMA Judges that you have what it takes to join the MasterClass.

After that, you will be contacted by the SMA Editorial Dept. to work towards your Japanese manga debut, while learning more about the Japanese manga industry and manga creation!

The Road to Your Manga Debut

MasterClass members will follow the same path as Japanese manga artists by entering COAMIX and Comic ZENON's manga competitions. By working hard with your SMA Editor, you may even find your work featured in Comic ZENON's manga platforms and receive the opportunity to create manga in Japan at our Artists Village Aso 096k!

COAMIX and Comic ZENON's Manga Competitions

Comic ZENON's Manga Taisho

Comic ZENON’s oldest contest where creators can prove themselves directly to their future fans with an up to 39 page entry. Entries are judged by manga legends, booksellers, and the general public.

Read Here
Title: Max of the Back Alley Creator: Momo Sanse Award: Honorable Mention & Readers' Choice
Read Here
Title: The Sunflower Theorem Creator: Enewald Award: Excellence Award
Read Here
Title: The Witch of Petrovsky Creator: monotone_ink Award: Excellence Award
Read Here
Title: Ephemera Creator: Laica Chrose Award: Excellence Award Runner-Up
Read Here
Title: Marmoris Creator: nemuisemi Award: Excellence Award Runner-Up
Read Here
Title: The Lady Afraid of Flowers Creator: Andrea Jen Award: Honorable Mention

Itten Toppa Manga Award

Short and sweet, Itten Toppa's 5-17 page entries are judged based on their strong points (paneling, design, dialogues, etc.) by special guest judges, famous Japanese manga creators, and the ZENON Editorial Department.

Read Here
Title: Subtle Abstract Creator: yoonmi Award: Honorable Mention & Guest Judge Award
Read Here
Title: Like a fairy tale Creator: Sideburn004 Award: Honorable Mention
Read Here
Title: Until the Storm Ends Creator: Ichirou Award: Excellence Award Runner-Up
Read Here
Title: Island of Gods Creator: MAGE Award: Excellence Award

COAMIX's Kyushu International Manga Award

Entries up to 39 pages are judged by the ZENON Editorial Dept. and manga artist guest judges in the newest manga competition from COAMIX and Comic ZENON.

Read Here
Title: My Friend Mana Creator: monotone_ink Award: Excellence Award
Read Here
Title: Fragments of the Soul Creator: Enewald Award: Excellence Award

Other Exclusive Opportunities

ZENON Creator Audition

Expert storytelling from top Comic ZENON manga artists and the raw artistic talent of the MasterClass joined together in this exclusive dream-collaboration.

Read Here
Title: Midnight Shadow Original story: Matsuri Midō Drawings: Sideburn004
Read Here
Title: Joze and the Magical Mansion Original story: Mirai Mutsuhara Drawings: Dedy Koerniawan
Read Here
Title: REFORMER Original story: Toshiaki Yamada Drawings: Alex Irzaqi

Kumamoto Manga Opportunities

Kumamoto's connection with manga spread to the MasterClass through unique opportunities, and has culminated with the Artists Village Aso 096k.

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Artists Village Aso 096k
Click Here
Kumamoto International Manga Festival and Camp
Watch Here
Takamori "Manga Town" Tapestries

MasterClass One-Shot Showcase

Four volumes of stand-alone stories (one-shots) from the talented minds of the MasterClass to display their skills and original ideas to readers worldwide!

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MasterClass Members


“Being part of the MasterClass helps me to grow as an artist and towards my dream to be professional.” - MAGE (Indonesia)
“We are glad to be a part of this amazing community where we can learn many things about creating manga, have a chance to work together with other MasterClass members, and receive feedback from editors that help us to improve!” - Vanilla (Indonesia)
“Joining the MasterClass has allowed me to meet lots of amazing and talented people, with whom I can share my thoughts and experiences on manga and storytelling.” - Enewald (Finland)
“I'm glad I joined because I was able to learn a lot about manga, get hands-on editorial support, and work together with the other MasterClass.” -Tati (DS STUDIO) (Indonesia)
“Until now, drawing manga was always a solitary endeavor. After joining the MasterClass, the same work became lively and communal!” - yoonmi (USA)
"Becoming a Master Class member means having more access to the entire universe of our profession, mainly through the editors. Being here is part of the chosen path, and once you move forward it feels great." - Roberto F. (Brazil)
"It was kind of a challenge for me to dedicate all my time to drawing and creating manga, but it turned out to be great, all the time being among people who are passionate about the same things as you!" - Sideburn004 (Russia)
“Entering the MasterClass and being in touch with huge names such as Nobuhiko Horie, Tetsuo Hara, Tsukasa Hojo, Ryuji Tsugihara, and Jun Tomizawa is a wonderful opportunity!” - Ichirou (Brazil)
"Joining the MasterClass has pushed me to apply my skills more than I'd ever done before - being surrounded by editors and fellow artists everyday has kept me on my toes, and for that I'm grateful." - monotone_ink (Australia)
“Being part of the MasterClass has given me many experiences; I have visited Japan, met amazing friends from all over the world, and improved as a manga creator. Little by little I feel more prepared to be a professional.” - JIM (Chile)
“Joining the MasterClass was a great experience for us. Everything we learn from our editors and mangaka legends, and also the experiences from the manga camps really changed the way we work and life for the better. “ - Eudetenis (Brazil)
“As a MasterClass member, I've had the privilege of closely observing all the stages of manga development, from conceptualization to the final printing. It has been an enriching experience for which I will always be grateful.” - Da Hosoi (Italy)
“The MasterClass opened me up to the incredible world of the narrative techniques of Japanese manga, which had a strong impact as a manga author. I became a more conscious storyteller and 'director' of the page.” - Salvatore Nives (Italy)
“It's just amazing, I still can't believe I'm a member of the MasterClass! Now I’m working with real manga editors, and I can have their professional opinion on my ideas and valuable advice.” - maya fella (Algeria)
“The MasterClass helps me to challenge myself to think about new ideas and themes in my manga. It’s also a great motivation for drawing manga!” - Ochechula (The Czech Republic)
“Being in the MasterClass has opened up to me a lot of knowledge about the manga industry in Japan. I also got to know so many talented artists from around the world!” - Zevania (Vietnam)
“I could meet and learn so much from world class Mangaka who shared their insights and expertise about working as a professional manga artist. I love being part of a global community of talented manga artists!” - Nattorin (Vietnam)
“The amount of knowledge I've gained is truly invaluable, and I can't thank all of the sensei enough for their generosity in sharing their expertise. I'm really glad I took the leap and decided to join SMA.” - Haritaroon (Malaysia)
“Japan's manga industry is the most developed. Through the MasterClass, I get the opportunity to get in touch with the frontline of this industry.” - 米豆 (Mido) (Taiwan)
“I got a huge boost in my writing and drawing process. It motivated me greatly to know the things I do have value. I also had fun reading other contestants’ work and having friendly rivalry with them.” - Mikko Raassina (Finland)
“I feel extremely privileged to receive advice from professionals in the Japanese industry, and this influences every page I draw. Of course, going to Japan and meeting legendary mangakas, whom I considered gods when I was a child, and still do, are among the most precious events in my life.” - Nicolas David (France)
“Becoming a MasterClass member feels a bit like becoming a world class comic artist by having your work recognized by some of the biggest figures in manga industry history.” - Max Andrade (Brazil)
“Being a MasterClass member for me is having opportunities I've never had before. It allowed me to develop ideas with continuous professional support and improve in many ways as a manga creator.” - nemuisemi (Ukraine)
“The MasterClass opened my eyes to the world of manga - it taught me everything from the fundamentals of storytelling to industry insights. I gained the skills & confidence I needed to create good work.” - Vincent Lange (Germany)

Join the MasterClass!

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