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Christopher Tordoff Christopher Tordoff 27/12/2019 7 min read

The SMA live-action movie “Angel Sign” was selected to be included in this year’s Indonesian Japanese Film Festival (JFF), promoting Shuichi “Mocchi” Mochida, chairperson of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® to surprise our Indonesian MasterClass artists with a surprise visit, in our mission to promote this momentous occasion.

Local SMA MasterClass members Alex, Dedy, Maudy, Chess (Cherie) and fellow artists gather for the screening.

Angle Sign”, an interconnected anthology movie based on five SMA award winning manga entries, was selected by the JFF to open the Festival. Screening at 5 cities throughout November and December, the Festival closed in the wonderful city of Bandung to much acclaim. Mocchi decided to reschedule his busy year-end with a visit to represent the SMA, and surprise our Indonesian artists with an exclusive, Festival closing screening.

With a productive day filled with business meetings in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta over with, Mocchi and his team embarked on a five hour road trip to Bandung, drinking in the sites of this wonderful country.

The screening left an emotional, sold-out audience trembling!

Taking place in the Bandung’s largest shopping mall, “Angel Sign” played out to a sold-out audience. The 200+ seated cinema was alive with young manga fans, eager to watch the SMA’s pioneering cinematic debut. In fact, the average age of these ticket holders were in the region of 25-30, a far cry from the more senior audiences in Japan.

“I was nervous about the audience’s reaction”, Mocchi commented. Thankfully, those fears were unfounded, with not a single dry eye in the house. Reluctant to leave the cinema, the emotional audience clamored for the autograph of “Angel Sign” producer, Yusei Kato!

The social gathering sparked an enthusiastic SMA Q&A session!

This screening marks a significant event for the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. Since its inception, by far the most entries to the SMA have come from Indonesia. In fact, out of all the Indonesian entires, the most come from the Festival hosting city of Bandung!

“The contribution of Indonesian artists to the SMA has been huge” Mochida says, “So it is important, indeed an honor to visit Indonesia and invite our valuable artists to celebrate Angel Sign, a movie inspired by the SMA.”

Mocchi visits Alex and Dedy at their studio, “Ragakusma”.

After the screening, the Indonesian artists were invited to a social gathering where we enthusiastically discussed the movie and exchanged ideas for more SMA related projects in the future.

The future of “Angel Sign” looks promising, with NSP/Coamix exploring future screenings and online distribution methods for various regions, including Indonesia. Not only did “Angel Sign” prove to be a huge success at the JFF, this first multimedia production is just the start of what promises to be an exciting and entertaining time for the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® and all our artists.

Before our return flight to Japan, a reunion with Mage and Vanilla (Lala/Ema) in Jakarta.

ATTENTION! The SMA is running an exclusive PR campaign with YOU in the spotlight! We are asking Indonesian residents to be inspired by “Angel Sign” and create a movie poster or a manga. Winners will receive exclusive gifts, signed by the movie’s general director, Tsukasa Hojo (City Hunter; Cat’s Eye) – DEADLINE: January, 31st.
Christopher Tordoff

Christopher Tordoff