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The Kumamoto International Manga Camp 2019 REPORT – Day 2

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 25/11/2019 9 min read


Day 2 of the 2019 Kumamoto International Manga Camp began with a celebratory welcome speech from COAMIX Inc. CEO Nobuhiko Horie whose mission, in collaboration with the town of Takamori, is to expand the Japanese manga industry into the world. Day 2 also included the Camp’s first of six Manga Workshops, where our invited guests got the chance to learn from successful Japanese mangaka and experienced Japanese editors.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the excitement of Day 2!

Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Takamori, the Kumamoto International Manga Camp takes place within the sprawling “campus” of the Takamori Folk School. More than just an opportunity to learn manga making from the professionals, the Camp also offers the chance to experience the wonders of this beautiful area of Kyushu.

The school’s gymnasium, a typical structure recognizable throughout Japan is the location of the first activity. An absorbing lecture about Takamori’s hidden delights, conducted by an enthusiastic member of the the Minami Aso Railway Takamori Line service.

Featuring prominently in the Hojo-sensei helmed Silent Manga movie “Angel Sign”, the Takamori Railway gave fresh look to the cinematic interpretation of “Beginning and Farewell”, by German SMA MasterClass member Vincent Lange. 

For a rundown of the SMA manga featured in “Angel Sign”, click the banner below:  

As the lecture comes to a close, the invited manga artists are surprised by a very special guest… Takamori’s adorable mascot Kazemaru!

With a hearty lunch over with, our international guests are primed for their very first editorial session with Japanese editors!

Prior to the Camp, we asked all our invited guests to create a very simple manga “name” showing a unique character perform their “special power” and accompanied with character concept designs. This “name” is to be the focus of these sessions, giving the MasterClass the chance for some effective feedback.

In the pictures: (Picture of the left) Monthly Comic Zenon Chief Editor Watanabe-san, Zenon editor Takaya-san. (Picture of the right) Web Comic Zenyon Chief Editor Akiyama-san, Comic Tatan Chief Editor Hisanaga-san, Zenon editor Oniki-san

We have covered the role of the manga editor extensively on our media channels, but for the newest members of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Community, here’s a recap…

The role of the manga editor is to get the very best out of the artist, helping to deliver effective and entertaining manga to hungry readers!

As the first reader of their artist’s work, the editor will spot what elements need to change or remove, where the action needs to speed up or slow down, and even advise on the placement of speech bubbles and kakimoji.

Additionally, the editor may also come up with a manga concept that best exhibits an artist’s strengths. From developing the idea with the artist to exhaustively researching background for additional depth, without the editor to hold the reins on creative work, the artist may very well forget the audience as they passionately create!

Chief Editor, Hisanaga san explains Yoonmi how to improve even more her already entertaining manga story!

Sadly, the content of the SMA editorial sessions must remain a secret between artist and editor, but we can at least briefly show you these intense and fulfilling meetings with these dynamic snapshots!

With our guests reeling over the invaluable advice of the Zenon editors, it was time to grab some popcorn and settle down to watch the much anticipated Silent Manga movie “Angel Sign”!


“Manga is like a movie storyboard”… and so began Horie’s introduction to “Angel Sign”. As producer, the COAMIX Inc. CEO has been involved in the creation “Angel Sign” from the very beginning, utilizing his years of manga editorial experience to help create something very special indeed.

Featuring a sparkling showcase of international directing and acting talent, the feature length film is arguably the first large scale multi-media product, created from YOUR work with the SMA!

Currently screening as part of the Indonesian Japanese Film Festival, the movie is delighting fans of Japanese cinema throughout the region. If you happen to be in Indonesia, make sure to get yourself a ticket to be in with a chance of winning some signed merchandise from the movie’s project director, and manga making legend Tsukasa Hojo!

Click the banner for more details:

See you next Monday,



P.S. for a quick peek behind the scenes of “Angel Sign”, check out our series of short films (be sure to activate the English subs 😉).

NEXT WEEK: A meeting where international manga creators can ask direct questions to professional mangaka about how to improve their manga and share their doubts!? Be sure to not miss it!
Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce