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The Results are in for SMA CHINA!

Christopher Tordoff Christopher Tordoff 11/01/2019 4 min read

The very first SILENT MANGA AUDITION® CHINA Round is now over! The work of 384 manga creators, from all over China have been collected and judged by the SMA Judging Panel, including our guest judge, Sayuri Matsumura from J-Pop sensation Nogizaka46!

So without further ado, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the following Grand Prix, GP Runner Up and special Judges Prize award winners…



My Relationship with a Dog” by Shībài Zhànjì


“Nico’s Tree” by Dīngdīng kuāng

“Bamboo Story” by Nìmíng de ā bǐng



Nobuhiko Horie Prize: “ACAB” by Ā běn)



“I instantly understood the creators intention with this manga. Though the story structure and art style may need further work, the creator shows great potential in developing into an artist with wide, global appeal. I have great expectations, so please keep improving your manga making skills and keep sending in your entries.”


Tsukasa Hojo Prize: If I Were You”by A-Ton



“This work is easily of the same level as Japanese manga. The feelings conveyed are familiar and the style is very cute.  Thanks to work like this, I feel China is closer than ever.”


Tetsuo Hara Prize: “Water Monster”by Mànhuà jiā jiān jí zhàn


COMMENT: “It was easily the most interesting work among the entries. As a manga, I felt that it perfectly encapsulated the “ki-sho-ten-ketsu” story structure.”


Ryuji Tsugihara Prize: “PANDA x Red Panda”by Shòu lù mù yī



“A very professional work, that could easily rival published manga. The creator is able to illustrate this story with a high degree of quality and style. I’m looking forward to reading this creator’s future work.”


Sayuri Matsumura Prize: “Ugly kid” by Lumlumla


COMMENT: “Though I started to become excited at the beginning of the story, asking myself if the doll would ever be given a new home, I couldn’t help but feel more and more anxious as the story played out. The emotions of the characters were very well conveyed, and the story’s heartwarming finale, beautifully complemented the story as a whole.”


Nominee and Candidates

To view each manga, please click the links on this PAGE.


A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all the award winners, nominees and candidates!

Christopher Tordoff

Christopher Tordoff