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Kumamoto Manga Fes. & Manga Camp THE REPORT – Day 3

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 21/10/2018 9 min read


September saw the arrival of 52 manga creators to Japan! With the Kumamoto Manga Festival drawing to a close, it was time for the 8 award winners, representing Brazil, Spain, Vietnam, Italy and Portugal, to make their way to the breath-taking town of Takamori and join their creative friends for the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® MANGA CAMP 2018!


The eight SMA-EX3 award winners awoke early, brimming with excitement at the prospect of joining their fellow Masterclass comrades in Takamori. But before they undertake the glorious journey through the breath-taking scenery of Kyushu, the SMA gang can’t help but feel the party spirit of the “The Great Festival of Fujisaki Hachimangu Shrine” and join the parade as it passes the hotel!

    A trip to Kumamoto isn’t complete without a shot of the city’s famous castle. With that, the boys climbed to the lofty heights of the prefectural capital’s highest skyscraper, where they soaked in the city’s spectacular view. So spectacular in fact, that Zevania couldn’t help but sketch the view in amazing detail – WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY ARTIST !! 😻    

With the boys about to embark on a lengthy bus journey, making sure they have a hearty meal is top of the list. So what better opportunity than to try Kumamoto’s world famous ramen?! With palates from Europe to South America, all the award winners agreed that the ramen was taste perfection! With bellies full and their insatiable urge to create reaching fever pitch, it was finally time for the long drive to Takamori! 


Meanwhile, the rest of the SMA Masterclass were just arriving, where they were treated to a fantastic tour of the Illumination Tunnel. This enchanting Takamori attraction takes place in a long tunnel, cut into a mountain. With delightful installations made by the children of Takamori, replaced every Christmas time and Summer, the tunnel also boasts the abode of an actual water god!




After an enjoyable ramble within the brightly lit, subterranean depths, the Masterclass were finally reunited within the confines of the charming Kyukamura Hotel, Takamori. Nestled within the mountainous embrace of Kyushu’s breathtaking outstanding landscape, the assembled Masterclass members marveled at the picture perfect scene before them.


With Tokyo dominating the imagination, it’s easy to forget that Japan has an abundance of natural beauty. But with scenes like these, the bright lights of Shibuya Crossing are nothing but a fading memory…


After a quick shower and clothes change, it was time to begin the Welcome Party! And what a party it was! Please take a look at the following pics to see the fun, and the amazingly warm welcome these international manga creators had from the people of Takamori!


Not only was the party a delightful way to welcome our International manga creators, it was also a chance to honor the newest members of the SMA Masterclass…


Endling (from the USA – which unfortunately could not participate in the MANGA CAMP); Eudetenis (from Brazil); Gábor Molnár (from Hungary); Da Hosoi (from Italy); Massimo Dall’Oglio (from Italy); Elena Vitagliano (from Italy); Kachisou & Perobense (from Portugal and Brazil); Sideburn004 (from Russia); Nao & Navinkin (from Russia); Kenkyo Studio (from Spain); Ahlemk (from Tunisia); Zevania & Nattorin (from Vietnam).




The Masterclass Ceremony was a fantastic event, and here are the photos to prove it!


Amazing work everyone! We are sure to see their names on the world renowned manga titles of the future! 📚✨🌏


A final surprise for the esteemed guests was an unforgettable musical performance by the exceptionally talented young musicians of Takamori High School! For a taste of their faultless musical talent, click the video below ↓↓↓


With that, Day 3 drew to close. Full of amazing food, musical perfection and glowing from the warmest of welcomes, the Masterclass turned in for the night. With day 4 mere hours away, a good night’s sleep will be essential. Why you ask? Well tomorrow is the first day of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® KUMAMOTO MANGA CAMP of course!!


But before all that, a visit to the hotel’s incredible onsen is in order. Yukata at the ready! See you in the next thrilling installment!

See you soon!



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Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce