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The SMA MASTERCLASS 2016 Special Report Day 5: The Ancient Capital – KYOTO

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 10/03/2016 6 min read
On our second day in Kyoto, we visited the “must-see” spots for any visitor!

Getting around the city by bus~

Our first destination was Kinkakuji – a beautiful temple covered in gold leaf. Everyone was impressed at the sight of the golden monument glittering in the sun! With such lovely weather, the scenery was magnificent. kinkakuji And guess who came along? Nobunaga himself!

Nobunaga taking a selfie 😉

  After admiring the sights, we moved to the next item on our itinerary: The Kyoto Manga Museum The museum has a huge range of manga, and visitors can read as much as they want! They also have loads of manga in different languages! DSCN0316 We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum (>_<) So instead, here’s a bonus picture of Nobunaga♪

Nobunaga reading a manga about Nobunaga;)

  After the museum, it was lunch time. What’s on the menu? Yuba, a Kyoto delicacy made from the “skin” of gently boiled soybean milk.

Everyone’s getting lots of practice with chopsticks♪


Dipping the tofu skin in sauce.

  After lunch, we went to a world-famous tourist destination: Kiyomizu Temple So many tourists… don’t get lost in the crowd! IMG_2577 This observation deck is known as “The Stage of Kiyomizu”. It’s really scary if you look down! (>_<)

In ancient times, people jumped off this platform as a test of faith.

  After Kiyomizu temple, we headed to the Yasaka Shrine, a spiritual spot favored by the locals. Everyone prayed for success as a manga-ka, and the future of SILENT MANGA AUDITION.

Praying for success!

  Finally, to conclude this wonderful trip… A gorgeous dinner show! Dances performed by Maiko… live shamisen and violin performances… we were simply blown away! IMG_2254 12814222_10205325984941341_4081317063194322291_n And one more surprise… A collaboration of live violin music and motion comics created from SILENT MANGA AUDITION Grand Prize winners!

Silent Manga on the screen, music in the air.

The Grand Prize winners were moved to see their creations come to life on the big screen!

The Grand Prize winners shaking hands with the violinist.

    Even after the event, everyone was still full of energy! We had an early departure the following morning, but no one wants to sleep through their final night in Japan. DSC_0194 It was a very eventful last day in Kyoto. In the future, we want even more Master Class, to create manga together, and to create wonderful memories in Japan!
SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.