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Kenshiro is a BAD GUY!? Enrico now sides with ZAKO (MOBS)!

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 07/09/2017 7 min read
“Butai – Hokuto no Ken – Seikimatsu ZAKO Densetsu” WAS GREAT!!! Hyahahah!! It’s a real shame you guys could not see it by yourselves… BUT ZAKO ARE GOOD PEOPLE!  So me, the newest ZAKO member ENRICO, will tell you a story: THE STORY OF ME ENDING UP HATING KENSHIRO!!!   I’m a ZAKO!  How my ZAKO life started!    Before being a ZAKO, I used to love Kenshiro: his incredible power and his way to protect the others was an inspiration to me. But, one day, I met another ZAKO and together started to talk about how many of our members were beaten up by the man with 7 scars on his chest!

Me and my ZAKO friend (Macchi) holding up our ZAKO-credit card… HEY! If BATMAN can have a BAT-credit card, why ZAKO can’t!?

  WHAT DO YOU WANT, KEN!? We are just trying to survive at the end of the century!!! You are just an arrogant who beat up our ASS as a sport! It’s now time to shout this loudly and clear!   KENSHIRO, YOU ARE THE BAD, BAAAAD GUY!  We, ZAKO, are the good fellas!  We care about our companions, we love to party, we do our best every day to survive in this hard world… Aren’t we the best fellas you ever met!? Our way of life is SO cool that we have our official STAGE PLAY in TOKYO! From September 6th to 10th a VERY LIMITED event of just 4 days will REVEAL our UNTOLD story! But because I know most of you guys can not join this exclusive stage play, I will say something very secret about the plot today! YOU SEE!? WE ARE GOOD GUYS!!! HYAHAHAHAH! BUT. There’s one condition to know more about the ZAKO-butai! YOU HAVE TO BE ONE OF US!

The lord of the end of the century… THE KING OF FIST!

JOIN THE ZAKO RIGHT NOW! AND BE PART OF THE KING OF FIST ARMY!!!   NOW YOU ARE ONE OF US! LET’S CHEER UP FOR OUR NEW CREW MEMBERS, GUYS! The “Zako-butai” is a stage play with many famous people in it!!!  Ryuko Isogai, Ryunosuke Kawai, Juri, Takeshi Hayashino and the adorable unique ZAKO WOMAN Aoi Mizuki!!! Also, CRYSTAL KING (the singer of the official “Fist of the North Star” opening song) will perform “Ai wo Torimodose” with the A-ou-P IDOL members! IDOLS IN THE ZAKO WORLD!?! HYAHAHAH THAT’S GREAT! 

Aoi Mizuki and the crew!

  Being a ZAKO is so fun, I’ve never imagined having so many friends at the end of the century! ALSO, JAGI-SAMA IS ACTUALLY SO KIND! He really cares about every one of us! SO PLEASE, say his name! SAY HIS NAME AMONG THE HOKUTO BROTHERS!!!

Lord Jagi makes his triumphant entry!

  BOTH KENSHIRO’S and ZAKO’S way of life is HARD and still ENJOYABLE! To us, Kenshiro is the worst guy ever, but we know there’s Ken’s fan all around the who still loves him! To those all people I want to say… GIVE US A CHANCE! I was one of you, and now I’m a ZAKO!

If you see 8 stars in this pic… well, you are in trouble!

You can be both! ZAKO and KENSHIRO fan! This is “Fist of the North Star” real power! YOU CAN ENJOY THE STORY FROM DIFFERENT POINTS OF  VIEW and know more about it every time!!!   What a great stage play it was! I’M REALLY LOOKING FOR TONIGHT! BURONSON-sensei and HARA-sensei will have a TALK SHOW about the series and WE, THE ZAKO!!! ZAKO-BUTAI, the FIST OF MOBS on stage!  KENSHIRO is not the main character of the series! ALL OF US are the PROTAGONIST! WE ARE ZAKO!!! CHEERS TO US! Hyahahahhahahahahah!


And also… ONE MORE THING! A FINAL SCOOP! At the end of September, I will join the Tokyo Game Show to play “Hokuto ga Gotoku”, the new Hokuto game announced for PS4!!! LET’S TALK ABOUT IT FURTHER AT THE END OF SEPTEMBER THEN! I LOVE TO BE A ZAKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce