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The Kumamoto International Manga Camp 2019 REPORT – Day 1

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 18/11/2019 7 min read

Hello SMA Community!

It’s that special time of the year again…

Christmas you say? Close enough… it’s the Kumamoto International Manga Camp Report!

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating you on all the manga making action of the Camp. So sit back, grab your drink of choice and enjoy the first installment!

For the uninitiated, let us give you a brief explanation about the Camp…

The Kumamoto International Manga Camp (KIMC) is manga event held in the beautiful town of Takamori, on Japan’s Kyushu island. Exclusively open to SMA MasterClass members, creators who have attained the highest awards in the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®, the Camp offers the chance to learn more about making manga and the manga industry.

For more information about the SMA MasterClass, please click the banner below.

The 2019 Report will focus on the four newest members of the MasterClass, including two members from Indonesia, one from Malaysia and the last from Brazil.

The Camp kicks off with a glittering Opening Ceremony to welcome the newest members of the SMA MasterClass. With the opening speech by former the Chief-Editor of “Weekly Shonen Jump” and COAMIX Inc. CEO Nobuhiko Horie still ringing in their ears, the invited guests, including the winners of SMA CHINA hold their collective breath and await the handing out of the SMA MasterClass certificates!


The first to receive the much coveted SMA MasterClass certificate is Malaysian manga artist Harihtaroon.


Receiving the Grand Prix award for her amazing SMA EX4 entry Lucky Charm, Harihtaroon’s tireless work with the SMA has paid off with her induction into the SMA MasterClass.

Congratulations, Harihtaroon, you deserve it!

Next up to receive his certificate from Horie-san is Indonesian mangaka Dedy Korniawan. Dedy’s SMA-EX4 entry First Flight wowed the judges, earning him a Grand Prix Runner-up prize and a place in the SMA MasterClass.


Following Dedy on stage is Dedy’s fellow countryman, and manga prodigy RIZA aL ASSAMI.


With 3 GP Runner-up Awards and a Grand Prix Award for his SMA11 entry REBORN, Riza is by far the highest awarded manga artist to join the SMA MasterClass, prompting much excitement for his continued work with the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®!

Welcome to the team Riza.

Last, but by no means least is Brazilian manga supremo Heitor Amatsu!


With several award winning works to his name, including his action packed SMA10 entry BUS, STOP!, Heitor has consistently received praise from the SMA judging panel. Indeed, Tomizawa sensei expressed delighted surprise at the Brazilian wonder kid’s expert depiction of speed for creator as young as Heitor!

With our four international manga stars admiring their well deserved certificates, it’s time to pose for the cameras before enjoying the amazing culinary spread of locally produced, delicious Japanese delicacies!


Without the unwavering support of the amazing people of Takamori, the Kumamoto International Manga Camp 2019 would not be possible.

Located within the foothills of the imposing Mount Aso on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, Takamori is a riot of lush green valleys, breathtaking mountains and unique natural wonders. Quite possibly the best place to study manga!

(For more information about Takamori, take a look at last year reports)

The SMA MasterClass ceremony of 2019 comes to close with a speech from Takamori’s mayor Mr. Taisei Kusamura, welcoming the international guests from every corner of the globe to one of Japan’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty.


So without further ado, let the 2019 Kumamoto International Manga Camp begin!!


See you next week…


NEXT WEEK: The SMA MasterClass get their first taste of the editor/mangaka relationship with the Monthly Comic Zenon editorial team!  
Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce