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Finnish MasterClass Enewald Receives Prestigious Manga Award!

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 26/07/2022 5 min read
Finnish MasterClass member Enewald has been featured in the August 2022 issue of Monthly Comic ZENON after receiving an award in the prestigious “Kyushu International Manga Award!” Enewald’s 39 page emotional entry for COAMIX’s 7th Kyushu International Manga Award, “Fragments of the Soul,” marks their 2nd award in Comic ZENON’s manga contests after their manga “The Sunflower Theorem” received the top award in Monthly Comic ZENON’s 23rd Manga Taisho manga contest.   The following is a comment from COAMIX’s 7th Kyushu International Manga Award special judge Mamare Arai-sensei (Unsung Cinderella: Midori Aoi, the Hospital Pharmacist) regarding Enewald’s entry:
“Thanks to the skilled drawings that were filled with expressiveness, Enewald’s vision was conveyed well. The production quality was extremely high for a one-shot manga, but I felt there could have been more originality could have been included. Always think about how to make your manga most enjoyable for the reader!” – Mamare Arai-sensei
  “Fragments of the Soul” is a one-shot manga that tells the story of a troubled boy named Oliver who’s supported by his loving Grandfather. When he’s suddenly transported to a strange world beyond his wildest dreams, he’ll have to look deep within himself and face his hidden emotions!     A special illustration and comment from Enewald were featured in the in the August 2022 issue of Monthly Comic ZENON, which we have translated!
“I’m incredibly grateful that I received another award from Comic ZENON and COAMIX! I have always wanted to a draw manga with “shapes” as a motif, so I feel honored for this manga to have been evaluated by the judges.” –Enewald
  Enewald’s work is just one of the manga created by the SMA MasterClass that has won an award in Monthly Comic ZENON’s manga contests! With the support of the SMA Editorial Department, the MasterClass members are showing year after year their potential to Japanese readers.

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SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.