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アバター Penmaru 02/07/2015 3 min read

For the next few articles, I’m going to be introducing to you the exciting world of… Japanese magazines!!

This time round, I’d like to shine a spotlight on my beloved “figure” magazines!


Their pages are crammed full of a wide variety of figures…


I think you are all familiar with Iron Man!


Kamen Rider and the Avengers!


Fighter planes and battleships!


By the way, Kantai Collection, a game that personifies battleships, is a big hit in Japan! This figure is based on one of its characters: Shigure!


The production process and reference materials are also included!


There’s also a corner for bikes and mini-cars…


And naturally, there are “moe” figures! This little beauty, Angela Balzac, will be joining Tsukasa’s desk harem in August♪

If you want to purchase a figure in Japan, you usually have to book it a full 6 months in advance! Especially for popular ones… they’re often sold out at the booking stage!

So the hardcore fans, including myself, need to get information as quickly as possible, and really look forward to these magazines!!

Do you guys decorate your homes and desks with lovely figures?

Next week, I’ll be introducing Japan’s anime magazines!! Please look forward to it!