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アバター Penmaru 18/06/2015 3 min read
Today, let’s do an Otaku quiz!! How did I obtain the following items? Please choose an answer from ① to ③! ① They were free gifts with a manga magazine. ② I bought them at an anime goods store. ③ I bought them at a net auction. I’ll announce the answer at the end!! ????????????? Anime character clear files! ????????????? A newspaper-themed manga notepad! ????????????? A fan! ????????????? Oh, there’s still more! An anime poster!! ????????????? A moe pillow cover and… ????????????? Even a tissue box cover!! By the way… ????????????? This is how it looks in actionヽ(´▽`)/ (Translator’s note: The girl on the tissue cover is saying “Don’t you think you’re using too much?”) Right, let’s cut to the case! How do you suppose I got all these lovely items? Drum roll please♪ The correct answer is… ①!! They’re all freebies that you can get with a manga magazine!! The SMAC! Editorial Team happens to be on the same floor as the Comic Zenon Editorial Team… ????????????? And they keep loads of free gifts as reference material!! Besides creating interesting contents, they also have to come up with clever ways to make people buy the magazine! Selling manga magazines is a cut-throat business you know!? In your countries, do you get free gifts with magazines? If so, what kind of item do you get? I’d love to hear all about it! Next week, I’ll be revealing the secrets behind “Manga Rankings”! Please look forward to it!!