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The Kumamoto International Manga Festival 2019 REPORT

Kumamoto City is a special place. Situated in Kumamoto Prefecture on the west coast of Kyushu, the city boasts […]

SMAC! at the Tokyo Comic Con

In the Land of manga and anime, you would be forgiven for thinking American comic books struggle to find an au […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #13 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #3!

Welcome back, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you ghoul-loving thrill seekers out there! I hope my top ten urban le […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #12 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #2!

Welcome back my fellow fright-seekers! With the chilling legend of Taira no Masakado still fresh in your minds […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #11 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #1!

Well, hello there folks! Did you miss me!? After a brief hiatus due to the recent International Manga Camp and […]

Hokuto no Ken – 35th anniversary SPECIAL ARTICLE

The year is 1983! The world of boys manga needs a hero. A hero legendary enough to kickstart an era that will […]

SMA9 Interview #1 – RIZA aL ASSAMI (Grand Prix Runner up)

Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of his native Indonesia, ‘SMA9 Grand Prix Runner Up’ AND ‘SMA9 Excel […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #10

Hello again my ghoulish brethren and welcome back to another installment of every folklore fanatic’s favorite […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #9

Welcome back to another installment of the Weekend Yokai Hunter, the creepiest corner in the SMAC! web magazin […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #8

Greetings my intrepid gang of fright-seekers! Here we are again, everyone’s favorite day of the week, which me […]