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Recently, we heard about an art exhibition by manga-ka  Kosuke Fujishima Sensei! He’s famous for works such as “Oh! My Goddess” and “You’re Under Arrest”!

We’re also big fans of the game “Sakura Wars”, which Fujishima Sensei worked on as a character designer.

If we go to the exhibition, we might even be able to meet Fujishima Sensei himself!! With that hope in our hearts, we sallied forth to gather material for this article!


Here we are at the exhibition entrance!

I wonder how many people have come to see it?

According to the staff, there were already about 20 loyal fans waiting outside before the exhibition began, with many others arriving afterwards. Most of the visitors were men in their thirties to fifties.

Well, of course there are lots of people! We’re not the only fans whose hearts were stolen by Fujishima Sensei!


Wow! I’ve never seen this illustration before!

This illustration was drawn specially for this exhibition! It includes the main characters from all of Fujishima Sensei’s famous works.

After being greeted by such a masterpiece, our sense of anticipation grew even higher!




The exhibition was divided into sections based on each of his major works, with more than 150 pictures in total. There were many treasures, such as the character designs from “Oh! My Goddess!”, “You’re Under Arrest!” and “Sakura Wars”!

Of course the girls were beautiful, but we also appreciated the amazing detail with which the machines were drawn.


Wait a minute? What’s this!? It’s the original copy of Fujishima Sensei’s manga!

Nowadays, most of the work is done digitally, so it’s very rare to be able to see the original drawings with the speech bubbles pasted on.


Take a look at that! It’s Lum-chan from “Urusei Yatsura”!!

Urusei Yatsura is a manga by Rumiko Takahashi, but in Japan, it’s not uncommon to see artistic collaboration that goes beyond the boundaries of magazines or labels.




Loads of original pictures and stationery and…  I want that T-shirt!! This is the only place that you can buy these things. Just looking at everything got us really excited!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to meet Fujishima Sensei, but nevertheless, the exhibition was so rich in content that we consider our trip to have been very worthwhile!

Having seen this exhibition, we can understand why all the lovely girls and amazing machines attract so many fans… especially guys!


And finally…


This exhibition was held in Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest tower in Japan!!

Standing at 634 meters, Tokyo Sky Tree is the second highest building in the world (5/3/2015), giving visitors an extra reason to come and see the exhibition!

I think that’s enough to satisfy any visitor!




Kosuke Fujishima Original Art Exhibition

Official Site

Entrance Free: 1300 yen

Tokyo Venue: Tokyo Solamachi, 5th Floor, Space 634
Tokyo, Sumida Ward, Oshiage 1-1-2
(2/24/2015 – 3/1/2015)

Google maps for Tokyo venue


Osaka Venue: Daimaru Umeda, 15th Floor Daimaru Museum
Osaka, Kita Ward, Umeda 3-1-1
(3/11/2015 – 3/16/2015)

Google maps for Osaka venue


Nagoya Venue: Nagoya Maruei 8th Floor, Fairground
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Naka Ward, Sakae 3-3-1
(3/19/2015 – 3/24/2015)

Google maps for Nagoya venue


Our next update will be on 3/10!  We’ll be checking out the art supplies store “Tools” in Ochanomizu, Tokyo!!

Photographer: Yoshio Kobayashi