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Introducing the One-Shot Debuts of Three Artists Village MasterClass Members!

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 13/06/2024 3 min read

We’re proud to announce that three Artists Village creators have made their one-shot debuts in Monthly Comic ZENON! Sideburn004, Enewald, and monotone_ink each have published one-shots, which are all available in English on the SMAC website and on MangaHot! You can also read all three one-shots in Japanese on the ZENON Editorial Department’s website! 

Sideburn004’s piece, “DOCTORCIST -SEIMEI-”, is about Abe no Seimei, a doctor who specializes in exorcizing the demons that live in people’s hearts and feed off their negative emotions. When Mai’s grandfather undergoes an unexpected transformation, she goes to Dr. Abe for help. Find out what happens next through the link below! 

Read “DOCTORCIST -SEIMEI-” in English here! 
Or, read it in Japanese here! 

Enewald’s piece, “Records of April 3, 2037” details a post-apocalyptic world in which humans are hunted for food by aliens, but a misunderstanding causes an alien and a human to strike up an unlikely camaraderie. Read Enewald’s one-shot below! 

Read “Records of April 3, 2037” in English here! 
Or, read it in Japanese here! 

Finally, monotone_ink’s new one-shot “WANMI 13” can be read through the link below. Ryuji, an extremely strong man with little luck in love, gets a sudden proposal from an otherworldly beauty! Read on to find out what happens next! 

Read “WANMI 13” in English here!
Or, read it in Japanese here! 

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SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.