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アバター Penmaru 25/06/2015 3 min read
  Did you know that Japan has a Manga Ranking System?   Sports, music, applications, electrical appliances… these all get ranked! Why not manga as well? ナタリー This is Comic Natalie’s Weekly Ranking corner. It’s updated every week, so you can always get the most up-to-date information about what’s hot and what’s not!     このマンガがすごい “Kono manga ga sugoi!” (This manga is amazing!) Once a year, Takarajimasha, Inc., a publishing company, releases a list of the most popular manga! This list is divided into two categories: “Most popular among men” and “Most popular among women”. For this ranking, users choose from books that have published over 10,000 volumes in the current year, and vote for their favorites, making it a very reliable index! Incidentally, two of the selection committee members for “This Manga is Amazing!” are Ms. Kozue Aou and Mr. Korosuke Narasaki, the writers who do our SMAC! NEWS ANCHOR column! Which means, if you’re reading  SMAC! NEWS ANCHOR, you’re getting the very latest information from professionals at the forefront of the Japanese manga industry! You can read the articles here:


  Next time, I’ll be introducing “Japanese figure magazines”! Please look forward to it!