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Brendan W. Brendan W. 28/06/2019 4 min read

Indonesian SILENT MANGA AUDITION® MasterClass member Dedy Koerniawan has raised the bar for his fellow countrymen, by becoming the second SMA MasterClass member to debut in a Japanese manga magazine.

Based on a work originally conceived by Japanese manga artist Mirai Mutsuhara (Shiawase no buta) exclusively for the “Zenon Creator Audition”, Joze and the Magical Mansion tells the story of a young woman who, despite living a charmed life in a magical home, longs to see what lies beyond the walls of her safe haven. However, when a traveling minstrel by the name of Dal comes knocking one day, Joze struggles to keep her rampant curiosity in check…

Dedy Koerniawan of Bandung, Indonesia joined the SMA MasterClass in May this year on the strength of his back-to-back Grand Prix Runner up Award winning works Let’s Play (SMA10) and First Flight (EX-4). A mere two days after induction, he was selected from among eight other MasterClass members to reinterpret Mutsuhara’s “name” (rough storyboard), a feat the Indonesian creator did with aplomb combining instantly lovable character designs, with breath-taking compositions that faithfully capture the essence of the original work.

With Joze and the Magical Mansion impressing readers on digital manga magazine “Webcomic Zenyon”, this pioneering competition proves once again that International manga creators more than certainly have what it takes to showcase their talent in Japan, the spiritual home of manga. With this current success in tow, the future of the “Zenon Creator Audition” promises to burn bright into the future!

A HUGE congratulations to Dedy Koerniawan!!

Joze’s waiting to meet you!


To read Dedy’s Audition-winning manga, please follow THIS LINK!!

Brendan W.

Brendan W.