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Author - Brendan W.

SMA to unveil exciting new feature!!

SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is proud to announce an exciting new feature called… “Ask a Mangaka”! […]

SMA 10 / EX-4 Interview #4 – Dedy Koerniawan

  PROFILE Name: Dedy Koerniawan Soesanto Age: 25 Country: Indonesia Favorite manga: Eyeshield 21 Favorite […]


Indonesian SILENT MANGA AUDITION® MasterClass member Dedy Koerniawan has raised the bar for his fellow country […]

SMA 10 / EX-4 Interview #1 – RIZA aL ASSAMI

PROFILE Name: RIZA aL ASSAMI Age: 26 Country: INDONESIA Favorite manga: NONNONBA (Mizuki Shigeru) Favorite mov […]

EX3 Interview #1 – Luis Eloi (Sojo University Award winner)

With the weather slowly getting colder here in Japan, what better time to visit the sunny Portuguese Algarve a […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #13 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #3!

Welcome back, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you ghoul-loving thrill seekers out there! I hope my top ten urban le […]

SMA9 Interview #7 – Daniel Bretas (Excellence Award winner)

Hailing from the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, SMA9 “Excellence Award” winner, Daniel Bretas, takes some t […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #12 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #2!

Welcome back my fellow fright-seekers! With the chilling legend of Taira no Masakado still fresh in your minds […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #11 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #1!

Well, hello there folks! Did you miss me!? After a brief hiatus due to the recent International Manga Camp and […]

Good Morning MASTERCLASS!!! #31 – Zevania and Nattorin

A manga duo who first discovered each other online, have together been taking huge strides along their path of […]