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Kenshiro Kasumi has returned! FIST OF THE BLUE SKY REGENESIS

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 25/10/2017 13 min read


A new of chapter Hokuto Shinken begins! From October 25th on Comic Zenon, Hara Tetsuo celebrates his masterpiece “Fist of the North Star”‘s 35th anniversary, with the continuation of its sequel “Fist of the Blue Sky”!

The new series is called “Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS”!

Cover of Comic Zenon, 2017 December: Kenshiro is back!

  Serialised on Weekly Comics Bunch from 2001 to 2010, the series is centres mostly around the battles of Kasumi Kenshiro, once called “King of Hell”, against his rivals in Shanghai in order to meet again his lover Yu-Ling and his brother Pan. Kenshiro will defeat any enemy who blocks his way by using the infinitely destructive power of Hokuto Shinken, the Fist of the North Star! In Shanghai, Ken has to fight three new Hokuto martial arts and, at the same time, also help his old triad gang to gain territories and the absolute influence of the Chinese city. “Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS” begins after the end of the previous series. Now Kenshiro and his fierce rivals will travel until Indonesia to fight even more fearsome enemies! Can’t wait to read more about the new adventure they will face from now on!

Kenshiro and his friend Pan Guang-Lin. They are both symbols of “Friendship” and “Respect”, that’s why we decided to use them to represent our SMA5 themes!

  Hokuto Shinken is the ultimate assassin’s fist, passed down for 1800 years. Born with the purpose of protecting of generational heroes that would build a peaceful world, it essentially involves destroying the body from the inside by striking the 708 channeling points of the human body. Because of all the tragedies leading up to its founding, it is only passed down to one successor. Here, I will introduce you the mighty men whose names have gone down in history as masters of Fist of the North Star, HOKUTO SHINKEN!  

SHUKEN Completed Hokuto Shinken by incorporating the channeling points passed down in Seito Gekken (West Dipper Lunar Fist). He experienced a great deal of sadness leading up to founding the art.

YASAKA He bears a grudge against Hokuto Shinken, as Seito Gekken (West Dipper Lunar Fist) was said to be sealed off with the birth of Hokuto Shinken. He is actually a descendant of Shuken.

TESSHIN KASUMI, 61st Successor Biological father of Kenshiro and Ramon. He wanted to live with Kenshiro’s mother Mei-Fu for life, but could not.

KENSHIRO KASUMI, 62nd Successor While being the legitimate successor, he left for Shanghai for the sake of his friends. He left Ramon in charge in his absence, so that he would be the successor if anything should happen to Kenshiro.

RAMON KASUMI (later known as Ryuken), 63rd Successor After choosing Kenshiro as his successor, he attempted to seal Raoh’s fist but failed, and lost his life instead.

KENSHIRO, 64th Successor Following the nuclear war, he fought to bring peace to the wasteland and made many legends for himself. No one knows who the 65th Successor will be.

TOKI, RAOH, JAGI, candidates for the 64th Successor The men who fought for the seat of the 64th Successor. Together with Kenshiro, they are known as the Four Brothers of Hokuto, and Kenshiro’s battle with Raoh was particularly fierce, even after his succession.

  Is now time to leave the word to the master, the real Hokuto Shinken successor: Hara Tetsuo sensei! Hara sensei has passed down Hokuto legacy for almost 35 years, and for the first time he will draw the glorious death of his protagonist!  
In a way, my wish has come true, and the time to draw a death has finally come.

Hara Tetsuo Explains “Why I’m Drawing Kenshiro Again!!”

  Interviewer I’ve come to speak with you today about the manga and anime sequel of “Souten no Ken” (Fist of the Blue Sky) that are in the works. Hara – I’ve always wanted to draw a sequel to “Souten no Ken”. They started work on the animation first, but then the editors came to me and asked if I could start the manga as well… To be honest, because I’ve mainly been drawing “Ikusa no Ko”,  my main selling point of drawing macho and beefy bodies has been bottled up a little bit. I was just at the point where I wanted to start drawing it again when this came up, so I think the timing was perfect.   IBased on the previews, it seems that the protagonist’s “death” will play a large part. What made you want to let the protagonist die? Hara – Actually, when I first started “Souten no Ken,” I wanted to end it with the 62nd Successor Kenshiro dying, then his brother Ryuken succeeds him and passes it on to Kenshiro… That’s how it was in the planning stage. But “Souten no Ken” ended, and he (Kasumi Kenshiro) wasn’t dead yet. So to me, the story isn’t done yet.   ISo that was the plan originally? Since the protagonist didn’t die in the original series, I thought that maybe your views on life and death had changed. Hara – No, they haven’t changed all that much. In our generation, they made a big deal out of the aesthetics of death. All of Japan’s heroes would end their stories by dying beautifully. This goes for “Ashita no Joe,” and this goes for Yusaku Matsuda’s films. I always liked that kind of death, so at first, I wanted to let Kenshiro from “Hokuto no Ken” (Fist of the North Star) die. But as the series went on, the manga, and Kenshiro himself, had grown so much larger-than-life that ending with his death just wouldn’t fit. I always try to make the ending fit the worldview of the series, but for some reason, all of the protagonists I draw end up becoming unkillable, so I haven’t made any of them die yet. So in a way, my wish has come true, and the time to draw a death has finally come.

The scene where Kenshiro defeats the Hong Hua Hui boss Zhang Lie-Shan. The musculature has powered up considerably from “Hokuto no Ken.”-Hokuto Shinken is a fist that guards the Heavenly Emperor… -I do not take the lives of those trying to live out the will of the Heavens.

  I I see. But in “Re:Genesis,” the protagonist might grow in a way you didn’t expect. Then what…? Hara – Then he might not die.   IOh, really? I’d look forward to that. Hara – But this time, the story can’t end if he doesn’t die. I’ve already decided how he should die, and I’m working backwards from his death, so there won’t be any problems. I’m sure that the readers will have a lot to think about from Kenshiro’s death.  

The final battle between Kenshiro and Liu Zong-Wu, the his strong rival in “Fist of the Blue Sky”. Kenshiro came face-to-face with death in their battle where each fighter was keeping one step ahead of the other.

From Shanghai to Indonesia, the Hokuto stars shines now even brighter! A new anime series has been announced too, and will be produced under the supervision of Hara sensei himself!

The anime is due to air from April 2018

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Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce