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Ask an Editor

The Monthly Comic Zenon Editors have the answers!

Do you have a burning question that only a professional Manga Editor can answer?
Our weekly feature “Ask an Editor” allows you to submit a question that only an experienced Zenon manga editor could answer!

Launched in 2010, Monthly Comic Zenon has earned a reputation for publishing a wide range of eclectic stories, created by a wealth of exciting manga artists. Containing almost every possible genre conceived, our five editors are driven by the philosophy “if it’s good manga, we’ll publish it”, making them an invaluable source of manga knowledge and know-how.

So keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels , where we will offer you the chance to submit a manga making question to one of our five Zenon manga editors!


Q: What elements are needed in the 1st chapter?

There are a number of “strong selling points” needed in the first chapter to make the manga memorable. If it’s […]

Q: How do I decide the ending of my story?

By @candyjl via Instagram The ending of a manga series depends on the reason why its ending, personally I thin […]

Q: What should I avoid when making a good first chapter?

By @poodpoopsie via Instagram There is nothing that you “shouldn’t” do in my opinion. The creator is free to u […]

Q: What's the best part about being an editor?

By @anotherdeadartist via Instagram I’ve been a manga editor for 6 years and during that time, I’ve read count […]

Q: What makes "Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Record of Ragnarok" so popular?

By @Jokerfacex, via Twitter A battle between “God” versus “Mortal Hero” is a dynamic concept that everyone (es […]

Q: How far ahead should a manga creator develop their story for it to be viable?

By @caetanocapriolli via Instagram It depends on the creator, but I feel there are many who already have a cli […]

Q: When you receive an original manga pitch, what do you look for in a strong protagonist and antagonist?

By @RottenwoodDiary via Twitter  I think the most important thing for the protagonist to have is the “po […]

Q: What is your typical work day schedule?

By @spatiachild via Instagram    We don’t have a daily routine per se, but a typical day looks some […]

Q: What determines a successful manga idea?

By @0lilacsoul0 via Instagram    There are many factors, including… Ease of reading (composition) The the […]

Q: Is it ok to change previously agreed layouts and composition before informing the editor?

By Hadiyas Hanafi via Facebook   A: I can’t speak for the whole editorial team, but personally I we […]