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Q: How do I decide the ending of my story?

Ko Yamanaka Ko Yamanaka 16/08/2019 2 min read
By @candyjl via Instagram

The ending of a manga series depends on the reason why its ending, personally I think is more useful to think by chapter.

While concluding the end of a chapter in a manga, it is important to always ask yourself “Will the readers enjoy it?”.
 In any story, the readers unconsciously think “Wouldn't it be great if this ends like XX” as they turn the pages.
 In a love story, the reader may want to see the protagonist have courage, or have their feelings reciprocated, or even find out that actually the protagonist’ love interest loved them back all along!

 The creator has to imagine which scene the readers wanna see the most, and then present in the best way possible.

If you're unsure what the readers are expecting, it could mean that the protagonist's efforts, or his problems, aren’t satisfying enough. By improving those points however, the ending should naturally start to write itself.

Thank you Ko Yamanaka
Ko Yamanaka

Ko Yamanaka