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Q: What is your typical work day schedule?

Keitaro Yokoyama Keitaro Yokoyama 17/06/2019 3 min read
By @spatiachild via Instagram    We don’t have a daily routine per se, but a typical day looks something like this… 11 am: Before heading to the office, I meet with the serialized manga creators I’m assigned to. We usually discuss the fine details regarding their latest chapter, as well as talk about future plot developments within the story itself. 2 pm: Arrive at the office. I check my email and dedicate the next hour to responding to messages etc. 3 pm: Send final manuscript pages of serialized manga for publication in magazine and web platforms. I also do other tasks such as creating “aori” (taglines) for title pages, typing out dialogue, phototypesetting, and inserting advertisement pages etc. 6 pm: Evening meal. The editorial team often goes for dinner together. 8 pm: Once back in the office, I will check serialized manga pages, newly drawn “names”, and plots. After checking, I usually talk with the manga creator by telephone. I often write up proposals for new serializations during this time too. 11 pm: For the last hour of the day, I will check out magazines that went on sale that day, other manga, movies, drama etc to help come up with new ideas and concepts for future works. 12 pm: Leave the office.   By Keitaro Yokoyama  
Keitaro Yokoyama

Keitaro Yokoyama