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Q: What elements are needed in the 1st chapter?

There are a number of “strong selling points” needed in the first chapter to make the manga memorable. If it’s […]

Q: How do I decide the ending of my story?

By @candyjl via Instagram The ending of a manga series depends on the reason why its ending, personally I thin […]

Q: What should I avoid when making a good first chapter?

By @poodpoopsie via Instagram There is nothing that you “shouldn’t” do in my opinion. The creator is free to u […]

Q: What's the best part about being an editor?

By @anotherdeadartist via Instagram I’ve been a manga editor for 6 years and during that time, I’ve read count […]

Q: What makes "Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Record of Ragnarok" so popular?

By @Jokerfacex, via Twitter A battle between “God” versus “Mortal Hero” is a dynamic concept that everyone (es […]

Q: How far ahead should a manga creator develop their story for it to be viable?

By @caetanocapriolli via Instagram It depends on the creator, but I feel there are many who already have a cli […]

Q: When you receive an original manga pitch, what do you look for in a strong protagonist and antagonist?

By @RottenwoodDiary via Twitter  I think the most important thing for the protagonist to have is the “po […]

Q: What is your typical work day schedule?

By @spatiachild via Instagram    We don’t have a daily routine per se, but a typical day looks some […]

Q: What determines a successful manga idea?

By @0lilacsoul0 via Instagram    There are many factors, including… Ease of reading (composition) The the […]

Q: Is it ok to change previously agreed layouts and composition before informing the editor?

By Hadiyas Hanafi via Facebook   A: I can’t speak for the whole editorial team, but personally I we […]