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Author - Suguru Kakishita

Q: What elements are needed in the 1st chapter?

There are a number of “strong selling points” needed in the first chapter to make the manga memorable. If it’s […]

Q: What makes "Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Record of Ragnarok" so popular?

By @Jokerfacex, via Twitter A battle between “God” versus “Mortal Hero” is a dynamic concept that everyone (es […]

Q: Is it ok to change previously agreed layouts and composition before informing the editor?

By Hadiyas Hanafi via Facebook   A: I can’t speak for the whole editorial team, but personally I we […]

Suguru Kakishita’s Profile

Name : Suguru Kakishita Hometown : Kumamoto Prefecture Editor in charge of : Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Reco […]