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Q: What determines a successful manga idea?

Minoru Kasahara Minoru Kasahara 10/06/2019 2 min read
By @0lilacsoul0 via Instagram   

There are many factors, including…

  • Ease of reading (composition)
  • The theme you wish to convey  (a dramatic panel or scene)
  • Attractive art style
  • Rhythm of dialogue
  • The ability to “direct” the flow of story, and introduce developments that wow the readers.

Creating a manga is like creating a movie or stage drama. A manga creator is like a mini-director who undertakes everything from the plot, direction, setting, make-up, design etc all by themselves. Personally, I like to put the above 5 points in a graph (see below) when evaluating manga. What is the basis of my evaluation? Whether it resonates with my heart or not!

First of all, I must be able to comprehend the creator’s strengths. Next, I must ensure they resonate with as many other people as possible, then we can go forward with developing the manga. 


This is how I determine a successful manga idea.

    Minoru Kasahara  
Minoru Kasahara

Minoru Kasahara