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Meet the pros! Keiyu-Sensei

Second in the series of Manga artists who started their career from Silent Manga Audition, is Keiyu-Sensei.

With interestingly titled “凸凹×凹凸◯(Deko-Boko-Ou-Totsu-no-Maru)” (It really doesn’t need translation. please read the manga to find out!), his first silent manga was published in 2011

His silent manga uses metaphors to great extent.

Here is the silent manga “凸凹×凹凸◯(Deko-Boko-Ou-Totsu-no-Maru)”!



After winning, he then went to draw “Ten-pai!”, a Manga based on existing story, of beautiful sisters fighting in extreme-Mahjong battle with other gamblers.

Brief Biography:

Excellence Award Winner, Published Comic Zenon 2011/September issue.

“Tenpai” a series Manga on Comic-Zenon 2011/12 to 2013/05
Volume 1 to 3 on sale in Japan

First chapter is available in Comic-Zenon home page ( in Japanese! )


Taiyo Nakashima