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Meet the pros : Shin Hotani

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 20/10/2013 2 min read
Third in the series of visiting previous award winners who succeeded in manga career, Shin Hotani – sensei is the author of popular “Wishing you find the true friend” currently published monthly series. The heart moving story is of a college student, who helps a very young boy who is not very good at making friends. learning few thing about friendship along as event progresses…   Before starting the series, Hotani-sensei won the Silent Manga Audition with a touching story “An old man and a small flower (Ojisan to Chiisana Hana)” Hotani_389_391 It was awarded Winner Runner-up Prize. In short pages the basic style of story telling is already prevalent in the work. Shin Hotani – Brief Biography: “An old man and a small flower (Ojisan to Chiisana Hana)” Winner Runner-up award, Comic-Zenon 2011 April. “Wishing you find the true friend (Kimi ni tomodachi ga dekiru made)” Series Manga on Comic-Zenon since 2012/June issue Volume 1-2 on sale in Japan First chapter is available on Comic-Zenon website ( in Japanese ) Kimi-Tomo
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima