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Japanese manga differ in shape, depending on where they are sold!


The ones you get at the book store look like this…


This is the most common form of comic books which are sold, with a nice shiny wrap-around cover.



The ones you get at the convenience store look like this…


They took away the wrap-around, and the paper used for the book is less expensive!


This form of comic book is called “Renka-ban (Bargain price edition)”. Manga is often reprinted this way, to reach a new and broader audience than the original edition.

Japanese convenience stores sell many things, and we hope that people will buy those editions along with their lunch! Here in Japan, many people enjoy reading Manga while they have a bite to eat!

Manga publishers and their marketing teams are always looking for new ways to reach people, and go all out with new ideas, so people can enjoy manga at a reasonable price, and at a time that is most convenient for them!

This is just one of many examples of how we get people to read more manga (hopefully ours!).

What would you do to make people read your manga? Write your ideas below or send us a message please 😉