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アバター Penmaru 13/03/2015 4 min read
Hey guys, Andrew here. Today, I’m going to be introducing an otaku slang word which refers to a personality often found in anime and manga. Like many of us, this kind of character finds it very difficult to express their feelings honestly. Especially to the person they like… (´・ω・`) Today’s word: ツンデレ (tsun-dere)
“Tsun” comes from “tsuntsun”, which refers to a difficult or prickly attitude. “Dere” comes from “deredere”, which is a lovey-dovey attitude. Put together, it refers to a character who alternates between the two. LFT_002 tsundere These days, tsundere usually follow this pattern: They secretly like someone and they want to be nice, but because of (pride / conflicting feelings / bad communication skills / lack of romantic experience), they end up fighting with them or denying their feelings (in a cute way). Sometimes, if the plot allows, we can catch a glimpse of their softer side. Of course, tsundere can be male or female. Male tsundere are usually of the “tough guy with a heart of gold” variety, insisting that they hate everyone but always showing up to save their friends at the end of the day (“I only saved you so we can finish our battle later!”) Let’s practice some typical tsundere lines! 別に、あんたの心配なんてしてないし! Betsu ni, anta no shinpai nante shite nai shi! It’s not like I’m worried about you or anything! す、好きなんて言ってないじゃない!勘違いしないでよね! Su… suki nante ittenai! Kanchigai shinai de yo ne! I’m not saying I l…like you! Don’t get the wrong idea! あたしが迷子になったらどうすんの。手くらいつなぎなさいよ Atashi ga maigo ni nattara dou sunno? Te kurai tsunaginasai yo! What are you going to do if I get lost? At least hold my hand! Did your heart just go kyun? <3 Do you like tsundere characters? Who are your favorites? Are you a tsundere? Please leave your comments below!
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