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Mayuna Mizutani Mayuna Mizutani 07/05/2015 2 min read

Mayuna Mizutani

Born in Kanagawa, Japan

From ages 4 to 9, I lived in Australia where I developed my second language, English! Back in Japan, I studied Liberal Arts at college, majoring in Japanese History. I joined editorial department of COAMIX in 2014, moving to the SMAC! team six months later. 

I love learning about the history of world and its many cultures and languages. I cannot wait to meet and work with amazing creators from every corner of the world! 

Favorite manga: Kimi ni Tomodachi ga Dekiru Made; Mononoke; Maoh: Juvenile Remix

Favorite movie: Kisarazu Cat’s Eye (Japan series)

Favorite band: Too many!! 

Favorite quote: “The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed” – Code Geass

Mayuna Mizutani

Mayuna Mizutani