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アバター Penmaru 23/04/2015 7 min read
The hottest places in the Anime & Manga industry, brought to you by the SMAC! News Team… This is TOKYO MANGA DEEP WALKER! Continuing from last week, here’s part 2 of our Nakano Broadway special! We’ve still got lots of things to show you! In Japan, there’s a very peculiar way of buying Otaku goods! It’s called… “Gachapon”! There’s a Gachapon specialty store in Nakano Broadway so let’s go take a look! FFG_4711 This is HAL, a specialty store that deals exclusively in Gachapon goods. As you can see, it’s filled to capacity with Gachapon machines! And just for our readers, we’ll present a special tutorial! This time, we’re going to try a Gachapon machine filled with Attack on Titans goods!! 20150327_123455 First, insert coins into the machine. 20150327_123511 Twist the nob and…   20150327_123539 A capsule comes out! Let’s check inside!   20150327_123622 A cute little Krista came out!   20150327_123915 Dai is grinning broadly.   20150327_123655 The available items differ depending on the machine. Inside the capsule is a random item from the selection. So you might not be able to get the one you want the first time. You never know what’s going to come out… that is the fun part of Gachapon! We got some comments from the staff: FFG_4718 “I think that recently the amount of foreigners who like Gachapon are increasing. We’ve got lots of machines that people from other countries will also enjoy, so if you come to Japan, please try it!!”   Right, let’s head to the next place… We had just started to move when we discovered something surprising!! We spotted a wall decorated with characters from Knights of Sidonia! A Knights of Sidonia exhibition! We decided to investigate on the spot. After getting an OK from the staff, we dived inside! FFG_4739 Knights of Sidonia is a manga by Tsutomu Nihei, an artist with many fanatical fans. Besides the anime version, this year it will also be getting a movie adaptation, so it’s a hot topic at the moment! FFG_4730 FFG_4738 They’re also selling lots of rare goods, from the original manga, the anime and the new movie!!   FFG_4732 As an exhibition commemorating the movie release, there’s also a copy of the movie script! Fans go crazy for the chance to see something like this! One of the reasons that anime & manga is so big in Japan is that they take their fans seriously and prepare events like this. Knights of Sidonia Movie Commemoration Exhibition: 2015/03/05 (Thursday) – 2015/03/17 (Tuesday) Business hours: 12:00 – 19:00 Location: pixiv Zingao Entry charge: free Production: TOA Heavy Industries, pivix × Kaikai Kiki   There’s a rumor that Nakano Broadway has a certain famous product… acting on this information, our team headed to Dailychiko on the B1 floor! FFG_4773 One famous ice cream please! The staff’s hands move in a manner that tells us he’s done this many time before…   FFG_4752 FFG_4755 That looks goo… wha? He’s still adding more!? FFG_4758 And… there’s the finished product! Wow!! Look at the size of that ice cream! No wonder it’s famous!! In the summer time, they make almost 200 of these a day!! An ice cream of this size is too big for one man!! FFG_4767 Besides the ice cream, we also got a comment from the store manager! FFG_4775 “This is considered a very famous place, even in Tokyo, so please bring your friends and share a meal together! In Nakano, we have figures and ice cream!” FFG_4648 Nakano Broadway, where old meets new. Take a look at all the anime & manga items available here, and you can see how Japan’s Otaku culture has changed over time. DSC_4810 When you come to Japan, we recommend that you come take a look at these valuable items and taste the ice cream! =================================================== Nakano Broadway 〒164-0001 Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-52-15 Official Site Link to English google maps Photographer: Yoshio Kobayashi