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The Moment MANGA Comes to Life!! #8

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 07/08/2015 8 min read

Manga are Movie Storyboards! – Close coverage from the moment the manga comes to life –

The next Silent Manga in Action short film is going to be directed by Kazushi Watanabe, an energetic director at the forefront of the Japanese film industry. It is based on one of the works from the Comic Zenon Manga Audition, the domestic competition which served as the model for SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. We’re going to be watching closely, and reporting to you the step- by-step process of breathing life into manga!

This is our 8th update!!


With the cast gathered, the filming can finally begin! Above, the director explains the scene to Ms. Yamaki, who’s playing the role of the woman on the run with the hero.


In front of the camera, Ms. Yamaki transforms! Her usual lovely expression is replaced by a mask of determination. Since this is a Silent Movie, the actors facial expressions are a key component.


Ms. Yamaki joins hands with Shogen, who plays the mysterious hero, and they get ready to film the chase scene, where they’re desperately trying to out-run their pursuers.


And they’re off! With the filming right behind them!! The cameramen, Mr. Yamazaki, skilfully films on the run. DSC_1282 Afterwards, the director immediately checks the results. They keep going until he’s satisfied with the footage! Does the footage they took match the image he had in mind?


Moving inside the factory, they begin working on an action scene! The action director Mr. Yoshida steps in, and goes over the combat moves with the actors.


Mr. Yoshida and Shogen run through the scene together. Although this is only a rehearsal, both men are giving 100%!

DSC_1312 Looking over the cameraman’s shoulder! When you have an action scene with multiple combatants, it’s difficult to decide what angle to shoot from. Please pay close attention to the angles when you watch the finished movie!


Actually, King’s lackeys are played by the filming staff! Apart from the 3 main cast members, all the other roles are filled by members of filming crew. Be stepping in themselves, they can make sure that everything goes according to plan! DSC_1317 As they continue, the actor director meticulously explains the finer points, such as the timing, or how to hold the guns.


To create a realistic action scene, everyone needs to stay sharp the whole time! All the staff have a serious glint in their eyes! DSC_1324 Did they get a good take? They keep going until they have a scene that satisfies not only the director, but also the actors themselves.


The following scene takes place in this container-like area! Shooting in such a dark spot is difficult, so we put our faith in the lighting team’s techniques! Shining a light from the opposite end of the tunnel creates a unique, spooky atmosphere!!


And even in this dark, narrow area, there’s action! How do they pull off a fight scene in such a confined space? Wait and see! DSC_1351 Meanwhile, Ms. Yamaki is filming a separate scene. After hearing an explanation, rehearsals begin. DSC_1355

Ms. Yamaki and King’s lackeys (played by the film crew) take their places, and filming begins!


All the while, the director is watching intently from over the cameraman’s shoulder.


Here’s a close-up of a fallen baddie!!


Mr. Koyasu, playing the villain King, is practicing with the action director! The staff confirm that he’s got all the steps down.


Then Shogen steps in, and the combat rehearsal begins! When doing a fighting scene, the actors have to be very aware of the distant between them, so that they don’t accidentally injure each other.


The two men circle each other, and show us their moves! Even though this is a rehearsal, their movements are packed with intensity! This is the final battle, so we’re looking forward to seeing the  real thing!


Next time, we’ll be showing you the last stage of the filming, and we’ll finally get to see King in full costume!! Don’t miss our next update!   “What’s important, is how your directing skills bring the manga to life!” The deadline for the SMAC! MOVIE CONTEST has been extended to 9/18!!


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SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.