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American MasterClass PoodPoopsie’s awarded manga printed in Japan now available in English!

MasterClass member PoodPoopsie from the United States received an award in the 10th round of the “Kyushu […]

Shihan says…"Unsung Stories"

For a manga to stand out, it needs originality. Originality can come in different shapes and sizes, but if you […]

Shihan says….THE “X-FACTOR”

Being a successful manga artist isn’t just about how good your technique is, it’s the ability to leave a lasti […]

Shinan says … An eternal formula

Record of Ragnarok was born from a single question… “What if humanity battled the gods?” In an effort to give […]

Shihan says “Reinventing and Originality”

Creating 100% original content is a difficult, nigh on impossible task. You may have thought up a concept you’ […]


SMA MasterClass member Yoonmi has been selected to participate in IPPEN GrandPrix, a new and exclusive competi […]

Shihan says "Mob characters are there for a reason"

“Mob characters are there for a reason” Have you ever thought about what would be like to read a s […]

Shihan says "Not all Climax of a story need an enemy or dragon to be defeated"

“Not all Climax of a story needs an enemy or dragon to be defeated”   A journey through a fan […]

A message from SILENT MANGA AUDITION® editor-in-chief Mocchi!

Dear SMA Community, The goal of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® MasterClass is to guide our members into a professi […]

SMA in Portugal's Comic Con

Portugal is a small country with a huge history! The first, truly global empire, Portugal’s reach once stretch […]