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The Moment MANGA Comes to Life!! #10

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 21/08/2015 8 min read

Manga are Movie Storyboards! – Close coverage from the moment the manga comes to life –

The latest Silent Manga in Action short film was directed by Kazushi Watanabe, an energetic director at the forefront of the Japanese film industry. It is based on Propane Nightmares, a manga by Molico Ross, a Comic ZENON manga artist who debuted through Manga Audition, the domestic competition which served as the model for SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. This is our 10th update! For the last 10 weeks, we’ve been closely watching the step-by-step process of breathing life into a manga. Today, we’ll finally be revealing the finished product!!


Propane Nightmares

Molico Ross x Kazushi Watanabe

Silent Manga Audition

Winner of Excellence award, Comic-Zenon 2011/May

Propane Nightmares Molico Ross


What are your thoughts? We showed this movie to the creator of Propane Nightmares, Molico Ross-sensei, and she was completely blown away!! Propane Nightmares – brought to live, with the original atmosphere and setting of the manga intact… the result is an awesomely cool film!! Let’s hear some comments from the actors and staff!! DSC_1380   Heroine: Ayano Yamaki DSC_2000 “This was my first time acting in a live action film, so I was really nervous! My character has a really cool image, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get that across!  But at the same time, I was so excited to be trying something new! This movie was a silent piece, so to make up for the lack of dialogue, I really had to think about how express the character’s feelings. All in all, it was a really good experience! I’d love to do it again!!”   King: Shingo Koyasu DSC_2004 “My character King is always wearing a mask, so you can’t see my expression. Because of this, I had to be very conscious of how I was “acting” with my eyes! This film is full of action, no doubt about that. But I also want you to take a look at how each actor conveys their feelings and emotions. I like manga, and I’ve read a lot, but Propane Nightmares felt fresh and interesting. I was really honored to be able to contribute to the film adaption!”   Hero (Mystery Man): Shogen DSC_2001 “When I first read Propane Nightmares, I knew it would be important to preserve the flavor of the original work. So when I got into character, I was careful not to do anything that would destroy the setting. Silent films are definitely not simple. I’ve worked on several silent films in the past, but this time there was a lot of action, and each movement was charged with emotion. Just like the original, we’ve created a film with a speedy, tense feeling… please enjoy it!” The Director: Watanabe DSC_2002 “Generally speaking, all of my works are understandable without words. I create them as a series of pictures strung together. So this time, even though I was working on an actual silent project, I wasn’t overly conscious of it.  This was an action film, but we didn’t just copy the manga frame by frame. We used the manga as the core, and then added the visual elements around it.  I think it turned out very well, worthy to be enjoyed alongside the original manga.”    Did you enjoy watching the step-by-step creation of this film? I’m sure that you’ve picked up some tips from watching Mr. Watanabe and his team of professionals. And remember that most of the equipment and props that were used in the making of this film are things that anyone has access to! You don’t need expensive equipment or a professional environment to enter the SMAC! Movie Contest! You can even shoot your movie with your smartphone! Now that you’ve seen the pros create Propane Nightmares, I’m sure you can bring your own ideas to life in front of a camera! The deadline for round 1 is the 18th September 2015! You can still make it! We’re looking for fresh talent from around the world! Help us bring manga to life!    


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SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.