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Frequently Asked Questions 2 – "Making Entry"

アバター Penmaru 23/08/2013 9 min read
In this second of FAQ series, we have compiled a list of questions regarding Making Entry. If your question is not answered below, please do contact us by mail, or better, on Facebook. (You will receive much faster responce!) Uploading system will be online late September 2013. Until then, happy drawing! Silent Manga Audition Frequently Asked Questions : Making Entry   1. Entry Form New from 2014 round, in addition to the information you provide to the upload system, You MUST include in your entry file, the following information :
  1. Your legal name, 2. PEN NAME (if applicable) 3. Country of Residence, 4. e-mail address 5. Phone number
information  4, 5 will not be made public unless otherwise requested, but will be used for administration purposes by the committee. Please include all the information in ONE file (image or text) and save it as entry.txt (.jpg, pdf, etc) 2. Crediting your work Use of a pen name is accepted, but make sure you state clearly which is your legal name or pen name. Even if you wish to be known only under an alias, we still require your legal name for administrative purpose.   3. Working as a Team Collaborative efforts are very much welcome in Silent Manga Audition. However before making entry, please decide a person who wil be representative for the whole team. We are bound to contact that person only, for administrative purposes. This wil become especially important if your work progresses to win an award and the prize. We will credit your work in the way specified upon entry. Should the team members be credited with individual names, please state clearly both their legal names and pen names too.   4. Concealing your identity It is not necessary to use your given name to be published alongside your work. Please state clearly, that you do not wish your legal name to be made public in the entry form. Unless otherwise stated, we presume that you are happy to be credited by both your pen name and legal name. ie, we may credit you as “John Bloggs aka. PenName”   5. Promoting yourself. We are happy to provide you as much exposure as you can, via entering Silent Manga Audition! If you wish, you may include 1 image, with your contact details, afterword or other communication to the reader, attached at the end of your work. This can only contain promotion regarding yourself, or a group you are directly associated with. But please be reminded that we can not guarantee that image, to always accompany your manga. (Magazine pages are at a premium so you know!)   6. Theme, Deadline, how your application will be reviewed Finalist for the second round, the “2014” round of Manga-Audition, will be decided from entries that arrived at comic zenon by no later than 31st of March, 2014. ( There has been some confusions in the past, as to how the year rounds were referred. We now standardised on calling each year round by the Closing Date, ie. First year round was closed on March 2013, thus being referred to as “2013 Round”. ) However submissions are viewed as they arrive. Earlier entry will not guarantee better reception, but may have advantages of being viewed by as many reviewers as possible. This 2014 round of manga-audition will be limited to the theme of “The Finest Smile”, as this round is held separately to that of Monthly Comic Zenon in Japan. (Please be advised that entering the Japan domestic version of manga-audition is limited to Japanese language only, in submitted work and correspondance.) Since we will be accepting works for several months, we hope to add some intermediate awards for 2014 round. But no details are final at this stage. Early birds please stay tuned!   7. Entrant from regions not listed on Manga-Audition website We absolutely welcome applicants from all around the world! It is very much in our interest to see, how different cultural back ground may influence Manga as we know today. We are truly looking forward to receiving your work!   8. Releasing your work elsewhere The terms of application clearly forbids you from publishing your work elsewhere other than the Silent Manga Audition. Doing so may void your award winnings, so please refrain from doing so, until award results announcement! However, when results are announced and you did not receive an award, you are free to release your work anywhere else. We will be posting your entry on our website unless requested not to, by the author. For award winners, there may be different arrangement. Please talk to the Silent Manga audition administrative regarding your intended use of the title.   9. Submitting multiple works Yes and we actively encourage people to do so. Some contestants sent more than five entries in the first year round. Each work will receive a equal opportunity of winning an award. However, please be reminded that the audition is NOT an lottery, sending in more work does not equal more chances of winning – Quality is what counts not quantity. Saying that, we are always looking forward to reading more manga from you 😉 If you think it’s good enough, then by all means send them in!   [End of FAQ]