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The Moment MANGA Comes to Life!! #4

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 10/07/2015 6 min read

Manga are Movie Storyboards! – Close coverage from the moment the manga comes to life –

The next Silent Manga in Action short film is going to be directed by Kazushi Watanabe, an energetic director at the forefront of the Japanese film industry. It’s set to be based on one of the works from the Comic Zenon Manga Audition, the domestic competition which served as the model for Silent Manga Audition. We’re going to be watching closely, and reporting to you the step-by-step process of breathing life into this manga!! This is our 4th update!! Today, we’re covering the final meeting before filming begins! What will be decided during this final meeting… !?


The director wants to do the actions scenes with lots of fine cuts, and create a movie that emphasizes “movement”. How will they capture the fast-paced feeling of the manga? And won’t it be difficult to capture all this movement using iPhone cameras!? During the meeting, ideas for filming with iPhones were flying back and forth, such as shooting with multiple iPhones, or using “stabilizers” to keep them level. I can’t wait for the filming to begin, to see the pros in action, and to find out what kind of equipment they’ll use! _DSC_1195

Oh, and what do we have here… ?

This is a single-lens reflex camera, customized so that it’s pretty close to what professional crews use for filming! This is one example of the DIY that they’re employing to give their film an edge despite the limited budget! This camera could be very useful for certain takes!   During this meeting, they also decided on the cast!! Among the actors that will be appearing in Propane Nightmares, there’s someone that I want to introduce to you to right away!! _渡邊監督_子安さん写真 This is Shingo Koyasu, who’ll be playing King, the man who’s hunting down the protagonists!! Mr. Koyasu is a karateka from the Seidoukai karate group. His fighter’s physique is just what we need for those action scenes!   Now that the cast and the filming image have been decided, the team starts exchanging ideas about the directing. _DSC_1187 How does a director put a story together? According to Mr. Watanabe, you should “start at the end”. First create an amazing climax, then think of what you need to do to get to that climax, filling in the story along the way. In other words, work with the end point in mind! After that, you have to think about the filming location and the props. _DSC_1185 Especially since we’re working with a silent story, it’s important to choose a location that reflects the story image. When evaluating potential locations, the director has to actually visit each place to get an idea of the atmosphere. So far, there have been lots of suggestions, from an early morning urban area, to an industrial district or an abandoned ruin. It’s best if you can find a place that matches the atmosphere of the original manga. Can you think of anywhere near you that would be perfect for Propane Nightmares? _DSC_1197 In the final meeting, they managed to decide the image that they’re going for, but how will have set about creating this image? In future episodes, we’ll show you some of the techniques that they use on site! Will they be able to find a suitable spot, that matches the director’s image!? Next time, we’ll be introducing the location, so please don’t miss our next update!   ■Follow the link below!!SMAC! MOVIE CONTEST SMAC! MOVIE ARCHIVEBack numberThe Moment MANGA Comes to Life!! #1 The Moment MANGA Comes to Life!! #2 The Moment MANGA Comes to Life!! #3  
SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.