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SMA MasterClass member Yoonmi has been selected to participate in IPPEN GrandPrix, a new and exclusive competition set up by the Zenon Editorial Department.

The U.S. artist’s award winning Itten Toppa manga “Subtle Abstract”, has been selected as one of eight entries to be submitted to a “popular vote” and a potential manga print debut!

The Zenon Editorial Team launched this exclusive competition in order to spotlight ambitious and avant-guard oneshots, created by fledgling manga artists. A oneshot, or yomikiri in Japanese, condenses a story concept into an exciting and entertaining “bookended” manga that builds up a character, involves a surprising twist, followed by a satisfying punchline.

The aim of IPPEN Grand Prix is simple, the oneshot that receives the highest number of views over seven days wins first place, guaranteeing publication in the print magazine and ushering in a Japanese manga debut!

“Subtle Abstract” wowed guest judge Paru Itagaki in the 6th Itten Toppa manga competition. The author of the hugely popular manga BEASTARS selected Yoonmi for the Special Judge award, bringing the work of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® MasterClass to the attention of the hottest artists working in Japanese manga today.


The Japanese version of “Subtle Abstract” will be available to view from today until Friday, August 7th at 11:59am (JPN time). The winner will be announced in mid-August on the Zenon Editorial Team’s website.

So let’s get Yoonmi’s manga to #1!! Please click the banner below, enjoy her amazing work and get the viewing numbers UP!  

SMA Editorial Dept.