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Shihan says "Not all Climax of a story need an enemy or dragon to be defeated"

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 22/07/2020 4 min read

“Not all Climax of a story needs an enemy or dragon to be defeated”

  A journey through a fantasy land to find magical balls that grants wishes, a powerful notebook, winning the baseball league or just maybe simply enjoying a meal! Anything can be made into a story! The infinite amount of stories, the variety of protagonists as well as their respective climax is what keeps any manga original.    Climax is the peak after the climb, where it either goes down or it can go even higher. It can take any shape and its purpose is to surprise the reader that has come this far, as well as bring the story to a fulfilling end. A climax has to fit the story.   Readers used to shounen manga, it’s easy to visually identify this moment. Usually accompanied by strong visuals, memorable quotes and amazing fighting scenes. But thats its because thats how to the story is. 


A climax can also be soft.

  For authors climax is key. It’s the intersection of the story’s main theme, the entertainment factor and the plot point that takes it to the next page. Entertainment factor is basically what the author wants the reader to feel with this story. Moving them to tears, make them laugh, surprise them with an incredible battle scene.   

The climax is the time to show what you story is about

  In Wakakozake, the climax is to show the goal of Wakako. Her personal enjoyment, the moment of her before and after she drinks and eats. It’s not about how the food is made or the combinations she makes. It’s about THE MOMENT. That time when after a long day of work she gets to enjoy the first bite of drink. It’s a climax based around a feeling. A feeling many can relate to. For some it might be when they reach home, get on to their bed, have a shower, etc.  For Wakako is her individual joyful time of eating and drinking.  

Wakako’s first chapter climax, click and read more!

  Showcased by a charming close up on her facial expression and signature quote “Pushuu!” This is where Wakako’s journey reaches its peak and the reader finds out what this story is about.  A subtle climax that shows this manga’s core.   
SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.