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The Kumamoto International Manga Camp 2019 REPORT – Day 3

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 02/12/2019 7 min read


With the invaluable feedback and advice from the Zenon editors still swirling in the minds of our international mangaka, we dive headlong into Day 3.

Featuring an intense look at the manga industry in the Manga Meetings, more creative workshops and delicious culinary experiences, the third day of the Kumamoto International Manga Festival promises to be even more action packed than the first two!


Day 3 kicks off with a serious tone… an in-depth look at the manga business. With four tables manned by the cream of the manga industry, Tsukasa HOJO, Ryuji TSUGIHARA, Jun TOMIZAWA and Nobuhiko HORIE, our invited guests are offered the exclusive chance to direct questions, as well as receive insights from these giants of manga.

With an emphasis on the differences between manga and Western comics, the meeting looked at the very foundations manga is built upon… the ability to entertain readers. Artists and editors work together to achieve this vital mission, shinning a light on the motivations of professional manga in Japan.

At the meeting’s close, COAMIX Inc. CEO Horie-san reaffirms his commitment to further develop manga in the 21st century with his plans for making Takamori the capital of international manga. Make sure to keep an eye on our site and SNS channels for more info on this TOP SECRET project!

As our guests begin to make their way into the bright Kyushu sunshine, SMA China Tsukasa Hojo award winner A-Ton takes the opportunity to present Hojo-sensei with a special 60th birthday present!

A quick stop for a group photo and then it’s time for lunch!

NOTE: check out the SMA sensei’s sublime doodles on the board…


At the Manga Camp, we believe you have to work for your lunch! So with chopsticks at the ready, our guests had enormous fun catching their food as delicious somen noodles cascaded down three bamboo slides. Nagashi-somen (flowing noodles) is a staple activity in Japan, making for a unique dining experience!

Now fully fed, it’s time to continue with the manga workshops. Using the feedback received in Day 2, our international guests make improvements on their “name” assignments under the experienced eyes of the Zenon editorial department.

A serious and focussed tone fills the classroom as our mangaka apply the feedback and advice they received. With several consultations with the editors, the goal is to impress the Zenon team… arguably a manga artists first reader in our mission to create effective and entertaining manga.

…No time to waste going back to the desk, let’s just work here!


The day draws to close with a celebratory meal… Takamori style! With fire pits gently roasting delicious dengaku, the invited guests of the KIMC 2019 bond over their shared the experiences at the camp, drink to the health of each other and discuss the one subject that brought them all together… manga!

But before we close the book on Day 3, Monthly Comic Zenon Editor-in-Chief Watanabe-san stands to deliver a rousing speech…

Thank you everyone for joining us here in Japan. We at Monthly Comic Zenon would like to assure each of you that we will do our very best to help you debut in Japan.”


We hope you enjoyed Day 3, and that you felt you were with us in Takamori! Be sure to keep following our SNS pages to read our 4th REPORT of the KIMC 2019.

See you in 7 days, CIAO!

NEXT WEEK: A taste of original Japanese Matsuri and manga lessons with Tsugihara and Tomizawa sensei! Be sure to not miss it!
Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce